Why Islamic State isn’t dead in Africa

Islamic State has lost its last territorial outpost in Syria — but the movement is far from defeated

So far, no pay-off for Zimbabwe

Zimbabweans have not yet seen the full benefit of the new currency introduced earlier this year

Intrigue in the air over apartheid helicopter sales

Legal action set to be heard in SA is the latest in a long-running, $600m dispute around the covert purchase of helicopters by the apartheid state

Are accountants’ days numbered?

The march of technology is likely to change the face of the accounting profession

Eswatini budgets for change

Eswatini’s new finance minister is trying to put the country on a new economic path. He may meet resistance along the way

No new dawn for Nigeria?

Muhammadu Buhari has been declared president after a vote plagued by delays, logistical issues and violence. Given his previous performance, it’s unclear he’ll ...

Pressing reset on Zimbabwe’s economy

It’s unclear how far Zimbabwean Reserve Bank governor’s new monetary policy will go towards reviving the struggling economy

Gay rights in Africa: ‘one step forwards, one step back’

Though there are signs of progress towards tolerance, life for sexual minority groups in many African states remains legally and socially difficult — and ...

Behind Nigeria’s electoral race

Nigeria’s presidential poll looks to be a close-run race, with little to choose between the two major political parties and their candidates for the top job

Senegal’s Macky Sall set for elections win

It is likely that Macky Sall, president since 2012, will garner sufficient support in the February 24 poll to avoid a second-round vote

Will Africa’s biggest copper mine be up for sale?

The big mineral companies have long been laying golden eggs for the Sadc region, but, with the exception of Botswana, governments are rewarding them only with ...

Zimbabwe: tipping close to the edge

Zimbabwe is suffering from a fuel crisis, a foreign currency crisis, an investment crisis and, now, a political crisis. There seems little way out

DRC politics makes strange bedfellows

Félix Tshisekedi has provisionally been declared winner of the DRC election. But there are suspicions that Joseph Kabila may have done a deal

Cashing in on Africa’s lucrative mobile money market

With 87-million monthly users, the mobile money market in Africa is proving lucrative — and it still has ample room to grow

End of the line for Congo’s Kabila?

Joseph Kabila has picked an awkward candidate as his preferred successor. The opposition is divided and undermined by ego. But whatever the outcome of the ...

The politics of petrol in Zimbabwe

Fears that differences in government over economic interests relating to energy supply are affecting political decision-making at the highest level