Township chic: SA corporates inclusive — just ignore the barricade

More companies are taking events into townships in a bid to push ‘inclusive growth’ slogans. But often they end up proving the opposite, by the simple fact ...

The perils of mining in the DRC

An intrepid team is starting to build a tin mine in the conflict-ridden North Kivu province, but it has to overcome intimidating obstacles. This is Financial ...

Kenya on a knife edge

Raila Odinga’s strategy to force a postponement of the presidential election appears to have backfired. But with no legal certainty about the October 26 ...

KPMG's new scandal — this time, from the west

Things get worse: KPMG SA was overpaid to adjudicate tenders for a power station in Namibia

Uganda helps pave a new way for refugees

But a test case for a more sustainable response to migration — based on international co-operation and responsibility-sharing — is still hugely underfunded

Dos Santos hangs on

Angola’s new president Joao Lourenço has little chance of imposing his own stamp on the MPLA, with his predecessor still heading the party and Isabel dos ...

NEWS ANALYSIS: Historical significance of Kenya's election ruling

It was, quite simply, a seismic event and its implications for Kenya and democracy in Africa will be fully understood only in the months and years to come

Zuma and Kabila's friendship guides foreign policy at expense of democracy

Because of Jacob Zuma’s personal relationship with the DRC’s Joseph Kabila, SA’s government and the SADC have sided against democracy, and are supporting a ...

ANALYSIS: A small victory, but Zambians still fear for democracy

Treason charges against opposition leader have been dropped ‘to save prosecutors being made to look more ridiculous than a grandfather in a pink miniskirt’

Is Zimbabwe's history repeating itself?

While evidence has emerged that Robert Mugabe’s government is printing an oversupply of money, the central bank says exports will save the day. The IMF ...

IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS: Odinga’s last defeat

Kenya’s election results have been decried by the main opposition coalition as fraudulent, but election observers have not detected manipulation, and have ...

Bad Khama

Ian Khama’s administration is accused of eroding good governance and democracy, as Botswana’s economy starts to lose its lustre

NEWS ANALYSIS: Why Kenya's 2007 election violence is stoking tension today

The fight between old foes for the presidency is heated, and there are fears that tensions may spill over into violence

Joseph Kabila’s grip on the DRC

Despite a good start, the DRC president is seen as aloof and alienated from his people, and the country is characterised by escalating repression, instability ...

How Zambia's Edgar Lungu justifies increasingly authoritarian moves

If the Zambian president’s expressed intention to declare a state of emergency is carried out, it will consolidate his power, critics warn, as fears mount that ...

Zambia's sho't left to dictatorship

The Zambian president has declared a state of emergency. He held a press conference to explain his actions — but his answers seem to raise more questions. In ...