A fishy donation puts Namibia’s Hage Geingob on the spot

A recent report about a R12.5m donation to ruling party Swapo, allegedly from the state-owned fishing company, could put Namibia’s president in an awkward ...

Bridgette Motsepe case rippling through Botswana’s political establishment

Bridgette Motsepe and Ian Khama have brought in the big guns to dispel claims of money-laundering. The state’s case is rippling through Botswana’s political ...

Zambia’s lockdown lock-in

A local mayor draws sharp rebuke from government representatives and Chinese investors after speaking out against firms that locked in their own employees as a ...

Calls for SA intervention as Isis gathers pace in Mozambique

It’s been suggested that SA may intervene militarily in the escalating insurgency in northern Mozambique. That’s not likely to happen any time soon, given the ...

How the state failed Zim protesters

Two years after Zimbabwean soldiers opened fire on protesters, victims and families of the deceased are still waiting for compensation – and justice

How Zim smugglers are getting rich from SA’s cigarette ban

The ban on tobacco sales in SA is working out well for cigarette smugglers in Zimbabwe. A box of 50 cartons can net a profit of R4,000 in Musina — and more in ...

Returning Africa’s stolen past

The auction in Paris last week of two Nigerian artefacts has revived the debate about the return of African artworks

The end of the West African CFA franc

As of this month, the West African CFA franc is supposed to be replaced by a new currency. In many respects the move looks symbolic – though it has still ...

MCEBISI JONAS: False flags in China-US fight

With elections looming in the US, Donald Trump has upped his anti-China rhetoric. But he needs the country if he’s going to pull the US out of the economic ...

How Isis is regrouping in Mozambique

Islamic State is entrenching itself in Southern Africa, with an insurgency in northern Mozambique that has killed and displaced thousands of people

Kenya counts the cost of Covid-19

As Covid-19 cases rise more rapidly in Kenya, President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced an extension of measures to try contain the virus

Lockdown: Smugglers changing the way they operate

The Covid-19 lockdowns in SA and Zimbabwe have made illicit trade between the two countries more difficult and costlier. To compensate, smugglers are changing ...

Catastrophe looms in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has moved to an indefinite partial lockdown of its economy but it may be too late to save it

SA’s golden gas opportunity

Oil and gas companies are slashing spending as they reel from the effects of low prices amid the Covid-19 pandemic. But can promising projects in SA and ...

Namibia’s net of patronage

Namibia’s ‘Fishrot’ scandal has been a huge setback for ruling party Swapo – and it still may shine further light on patronage politics in the country

Covid-19 disrupts African flower producers

African flower producers are struggling as the Covid-19 pandemic disrupts supply chains and demand dries up amid national lockdowns