Zambia rising

The land-locked nation has a plan to boost growth and confidence in its commodity-dependent economy to counter the knock it took in 2016

1 month ago
Somali camps: Places of desperation

Somalis displaced by conflict and drought to camps around Mogadishu are getting more and more frantic as food aid dwindles. With nowhere else to go, they are ...

1 month ago
Zimbabwe economy: A never-ending story

Zanu-PF, headed by Robert Mugabe — who will be 93 soon — has been battered by internal strife and a failing economy. But none of that will stop Mugabe from ...

2 months ago
DRC: A country at risk

Is the Democratic Republic of Congo in danger of slipping back into civil war? Amid calls for Kabila to step down, the UN and AU have given legitimacy to ...

2 months ago
Namibia: State capture concerns

State capture concerns Trial of members of the political elite found with their hands in the cookie jar drags on

4 months ago
Nigeria needs an oil change

The West African nation is in a recession. However, can Nigeria be really called "poor"?

5 months ago