Hakainde Hichilema: Zambia’s man of the moment

Hakainde Hichilema, who was sworn in as Zambia’s new leader on Tuesday, has struck a conciliatory tone after a tense presidential poll

Zimbabwe gravediggers can’t keep up with Covid

Zimbabwe’s health-care and funeral services have been left staggering by the weight of the Covid third wave. As more succumb to the virus, Harare’s ...

Is DRC’s grand plan finally taking form?

The Grand Inga hydroelectric project has been 30-odd years in the making. Its completion is still far from certain, but there have been positive steps forward ...

Biowaste: don’t throw it away

In an effort to combat poverty and climate change, Ivory Coast’s smallholder farmers are turning to biowaste

All eyes on the Zambian economy

Zambians go to the ballot box on August 12 to elect new leaders in a general election. The poll for the presidency looks to be a two-horse race

Behind Mswati’s crackdown

Two MPs who encouraged their constituents to petition Eswatini’s government for reforms have been arrested, adding to tensions in the absolute monarchy

Zimbabwe looks to cash in on cannabis boom

Zimbabwe is looking to make inroads in the global cannabis market, expecting earnings from the sector to rival those of tobacco. But experts sound a word of ...

South Sudan: running the oil gauntlet

In its 10th year of existence, South Sudan has announced its first public oil licensing round. Opportunities could prove lucrative — but there’s a high level ...

Eswatini: Farce and the furious

Eswatini has been rocked by its worst protests since the 1990s, as activists clamour for multiparty democracy and reform of the absolute monarchy

Zimbabwe: A tale of two injustices

Two Zimbabwean men spent eight years behind bars in their country for a crime they did not commit

An unreached danger: inside Africa’s Covid response

A study on African governments’ Covid policy response has thrown up some surprising findings — including that seemingly sparsely populated parts of the map are ...

Nigeria: A digital autocracy?

Nigeria's ban on Twitter raises concerns about a narrowing democratic space in the country. It's overreach that could end up costing President Muhammadu Buhari

EXCLUSIVE: Zimbabwe’s finance minister on paying farmers

Mthuli Ncube is determined to fix the country's economy. The mining sector, it seems, is central to his plans

Zimbabwe’s money-go-round

A new law in Zimbabwe bans the pricing of goods and services in foreign currency. It’s supposed to ensure fair pricing — but so far it only seems to have ...

The real cost of genocide

Germany’s offer to pay €1.1bn in development aid to Namibia in recognition of the genocide of 1904-1908 does not sit well with those most affected

Kazungula Bridge: a new chapter in regional trade

The Kazungula Bridge between Zambia and Botswana has drawn a steady flow of traffic since it opened on May 10. Zimbabwe, already struggling to maintain its ...