Kenya counts the cost of Covid-19

As Covid-19 cases rise more rapidly in Kenya, President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced an extension of measures to try contain the virus

Lockdown: Smugglers changing the way they operate

The Covid-19 lockdowns in SA and Zimbabwe have made illicit trade between the two countries more difficult and costlier. To compensate, smugglers are changing ...

Catastrophe looms in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has moved to an indefinite partial lockdown of its economy but it may be too late to save it

Namibia’s net of patronage

Namibia’s ‘Fishrot’ scandal has been a huge setback for ruling party Swapo – and it still may shine further light on patronage politics in the country

SA’s golden gas opportunity

Oil and gas companies are slashing spending as they reel from the effects of low prices amid the Covid-19 pandemic. But can promising projects in SA and ...

Covid-19 disrupts African flower producers

African flower producers are struggling as the Covid-19 pandemic disrupts supply chains and demand dries up amid national lockdowns

Flipping the switch on Inga 3?

The SA government remains committed to its Inga 3 hydropower project with the DRC. But a recent report raises doubts about its feasibility

Zambia feels the coronavirus fallout

Zambia has so far been spared a rapid spread of the coronavirus. Nonetheless, the country’s economy and its people are feeling the effects of the pandemic

Cocoa-producers raise the bar on price of chocolate

Plans by Ghana and Ivory Coast to levy a surcharge on cocoa to help poverty-stricken West African producers could leave a bad taste in the mouths of serious ...

Coronavirus to push Zimbabwe to the brink?

With a shambolic health-care sector and an informal economy in which people are without basic necessities, experts are wary of how effective Zimbabwe’s ...

The fight to contain Covid-19 in Africa

As the coronavirus begins its spread across Africa, some countries have announced travel restrictions and school closures. Now they need to curb community ...

Namibia at 30: Is Swapo running out of road?

On March 21, Namibia marks 30 years of independence. But ruling party Swapo’s stewardship of the economy is less cause for celebration

Algeria’s revolution of smiles, one year on

Algerians took to the streets in February 2019 to oppose a fifth term for president Abdelaziz Bouteflika. Two months later he had resigned. A year on, the ...

Mnangagwa: Becoming Robert Mugabe

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa is starting to look more and more like the man he unseated ...

Laying ground rules for land justice in Kenya

Fifty-six years since Kenya achieved independence, land injustices in the country remain unresolved

Peace in Africa: an uphill battle for the AU

The AU has missed its deadline for ‘silencing the guns’ in Africa. But as Ramaphosa takes the reins of the continental body, he plans to push the peace agenda ...