Mozambique elections: a close call?

With numerous issues at play ahead of Mozambique’ general election next week, Frelimo’s outright dominance is no longer a done deal

Africa on the real-estate radar

There’s still money to be made in African real estate, but new investment strategies are required

Food insecurity threatens Sadc region

Millions of people in Southern Africa face food insecurity as extreme weather patterns take a toll on agricultural production

Xenophobic violence strains SA-Nigeria relations

SA’s competitive relationship with Nigeria has been put under pressure by xenophobic violence

The tragedy of Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe died in a hospital in Singapore on September 6. Once a shining hope for a newly independent Zimbabwe, he leaves behind a country in tatters

Mthuli Ncube: fixing Mugabe’s mess

It’s a year since Mthuli Ncube took the reins as finance minister of Zimbabwe. His attempts to fix the struggling economy have, it seems, produced something of ...

Beyond the Arab Sping

Tunisia and Libya both underwent a sea change in the wake of the Arab Spring. Almost a decade on, their trajectories couldn’t be more different

Zimbabwe: a powerless state

Zimbabwe has a serious shortage of electricity, but its neighbours have been reluctant to come to its aid because it has previously failed to honour its ...

Flying out of Africa

Chinese ‘lying money’, or fei qian, is an ancient form of value exchange. But its modern incarnation is blamed for stripping Africa of its resources

Is Zimbabwe doomed to repeat its past?

As Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government desperately tries to right the ship, Zimbabweans fear a return to the past – and not just hyperinflation

Social media activism goes #BlueForSudan

Social media may not start revolutions – but its ability to help demonstrators spread their message beyond national boundaries is revolutionary

Zimbabwe’s bottom dollar?

As Zimbabwe bans the use of foreign currency, and prepares for a new ‘Zim dollar’, many fear a return of the hyperinflation that crippled the economy from 2008

Sudan’s Sharpeville moment?

Any optimism that came out of Sudan’s recent coup has unwound after paramilitary forces opened fire on peaceful protestors

Will Africa’s free-trade area live up to the hype?

Africa is moving towards a more integrated, rules-based trade regime, but this is unlikely to transform the continent’s economic prospects

Zimbabwe: a country on the edge

With rapidly rising inflation, a long-running foreign exchange crisis and now rolling power cuts, Zimbabwe’s primary income-producing sectors are under pressure

Tobacco prices go up in smoke in Zimbabwe

It’s a blow for a country already in dire economic straits. Tobacco is a leading foreign currency earner