Where to now for the MDC?

Zimbabwe’s opposition MDC’s mantra used to be ‘Mugabe must go’. But the slogan has lost its relevance, and the alliance has not been ...

A reforming Angola beckons MTN

Demands on MTN’s cash are finally easing up. This gives Rob Shuter’s new team an opportunity to revive the company’s African expansion drive, ...

ANGOLA: Making a clean sweep

For the new president’s economic and finance reforms to succeed, and for the country’s economy to grow, Angola needs to attract more foreign direct investment

ZAMBIA: Bacteria on the march

The Zambian president has deployed the defence force to clean up the streets of Lusaka in a bid to combat the latest cholera outbreak, while SA battles to ...

Will the DRC reopen its virgin forest to commercial logging?

The DRC is considering reopening its virgin forest to commercial logging. But some NGOs, scientists and activists say government is not seeing the wood for the ...

Deadline for the DRC

The conflict-ridden country has one year to resolve its political impasse. Elections in December 2018 could be the turning point

New hope in Angola

President Lourenço speaks of financial reforms and discussions with the IMF as he begins to dismantle the Dos Santos family’s enormously lucrative grip on the ...

Emmerson Mnangagwa: the next president of Zimbabwe?

As the military seizes control of the country, you wouldn’t dream that Zimbabwe’s dispossessed white farmers, the war veterans who displaced them and Robert ...

Is Zambia headed for a constitutional crisis?

Based on President Edgar Lungu’s threats, Zambia could be headed for a constitutional crisis if the courts stick to the letter of the law on what constitutes ...

Can bitcoin rescue Zimbabwe?

Can the virtual currency come to the rescue in Zimbabwe, which is beset by hyperinflation fears and a foreign exchange crunch?

IN-DEPTH: Kenya’s problematic poll

The East African nation faces a political impasse, with almost half the country aggrieved and polarised by the events leading up to its second electionin three ...

Township chic: SA corporates inclusive — just ignore the barricade

More companies are taking events into townships in a bid to push ‘inclusive growth’ slogans. But often they end up proving the opposite, by the simple fact ...

The perils of mining in the DRC

An intrepid team is starting to build a tin mine in the conflict-ridden North Kivu province, but it has to overcome intimidating obstacles. This is Financial ...

Kenya on a knife edge

Raila Odinga’s strategy to force a postponement of the presidential election appears to have backfired. But with no legal certainty about the October 26 ...

KPMG's new scandal — this time, from the west

Things get worse: KPMG SA was overpaid to adjudicate tenders for a power station in Namibia

Uganda helps pave a new way for refugees

But a test case for a more sustainable response to migration — based on international co-operation and responsibility-sharing — is still hugely underfunded