Is Zambia on a slippery slope towards a dictatorship?

A crackdown on opposing voices — in the media and from political parties — has Zambian civil society lamenting the country’s slide towards dictatorship

Investors looking for bargains should look at Zimbabwe’s bull run

Zimbabwe’s stock exchange may be experiencing the beginning of a bull run. But in an environment of cash shortages, holders of stock don’t want to sell

South Sudan on the brink of genocide

South Sudan’s conflict is threatening to devolve into genocide. And, with 2,000 refugees crossing into Uganda every day, that country is also in desperate need ...

Fresh opportunity in Nigeria

Nigeria’s economy is expected to recover from the 2016 recession, but a meaningful improvement in the lives of its citizens will depend on drastic action by a ...

It’s official: cash is on sale in Zimbabwe

Holders of $100 and $50 notes can sell them at a premium in Zimbabwe, underscoring a huge currency shortage despite bond notes being brought into circulation ...

Nigeria’s power problems

The failure of the government to raise tariffs has caused a debt crisis among Nigeria’s private generators and distributors of electricity

Joseph Kabila a smooth operator

For too long, the DRC’s political opposition has underestimated President Joseph Kabila. Now, ructions in the movement could feed into his plan to rule well ...

A brighter outlook for Zambia’s copper sector

Rising copper prices, a favourable mining tax regime and stable electricity supply are driving a return of confidence in Zambia’s beleaguered copper sector

Zimbabwean currency: funny money

Does the $200m facility designed to prop up Zimbabwe’s bond notes exist? Without it, bond notes — which citizens believe mark the return of the devalued ...

Africa CEO Forum more than a talk shop

Innovation will be Africa’s strength: that was the message at a forum of African CEOs held recently in Geneva, where increased trade between countries on the ...

Worries and warnings for Zimbabwe’s economy

After a period of deflation, Zimbabwe’s economy is experiencing inflationary pressures again and there are fears that hyperinflation may return

Mozambique: Change is in the air

The extension of a cease-fire and progress made to secure investments in natural gas reserves in the country’s north give Mozambicans reason to hope

Egypt turns a corner

Economic reform sets country up for greater foreign investment as 30-year bond is oversubscribed and IMF looks set to release second tranche of loan, but tight ...

Africa: Future forecast

The commodities downturn may help force African countries to make structural changes towards diversification, but investors still face many hurdles and risks

Zimbabwe: More of the same?

Will opposition parties thrash out a coalition to take on Robert Mugabe during the 2018 elections?

Crash-landing looms for Nigeria’s aviation industry

Badly hurt by the recession and a dollar shortage that has led to a lack of fuel, Nigeria’s aviation industry must now contend with the planned closure of ...