The Swazi Secrets leak — part 1

A new leak exposes the violence and venality of Africa’s last absolute monarchy

Ukraine battles to get grain to Africa’s hungry

As the war drags on, the country is looking for ways to ensure its grain exports reach African countries in need

Making sense of Africa’s ‘Brexit’

The exit of Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso from Ecowas is a significant realignment of geopolitics within the Sahel. It may be to the detriment of the three ...

No panacea for Zimbabwe as it aims to go for gold

Zimbabwe is mulling a move to a gold-backed currency to stabilise the Zimbabwe dollar. Analysts are concerned that the government is focusing on the symptoms ...

Repercussions for Zimbabwean politics as Nelson Chamisa quits

His resignation from the party he founded has shifted the opposition landscape in the country. The disruption is thought to be at Zanu-PF’s instigation

Displaced in Zimbabwe: lost land and broken promises

Nine years after their evacuation from the area around the Tugwi Mukosi megadam due to flooding, Zimbabwe’s internally displaced people say they’ve been ...

Deep concern over illegal underground mining in Zimbabwe

Residents of gold-rich Kwekwe fear the sinkholes that result from illegal mining will swallow the town, but the authorities have not addressed the crisis

Six years on, nostalgia for the good old days of Robert Mugabe

It’s six years to the week since Emmerson Mnangagwa seized power from Robert Mugabe in a military coup. The heady days of hope are well and truly over, as ...

Zimbabwe rattled as activists vanish

Zimbabwe’s opposition Citizens Coalition for Change is increasingly concerned after a spate of abductions of its party members and pro-democracy activists

Electoral politricks in Zimbabwe

The bizarre recall of 15 Citizens Coalition for Change MPs in Zimbabwe could hand Zanu-PF the two-thirds parliamentary majority it craves. That could give ...

Zimbabweans’ doomed dreams of change

If Zimbabweans were hoping for a unity government after the August 23 election, ruling party Zanu-PF is rapidly disabusing them of that notion

War crimes: The long arm of international law

If two recent criminal cases are anything to go by, there may be increased international appetite for prosecuting atrocity crimes. They also highlight the ...

How the climate crisis affects Africa’s children

Children in the developing world bear the brunt of climate-related disasters and should be afforded extra protection against such calamities

Zimbabwe: Story of a stolen election

Emmerson Mnangagwa was returned to power after last week’s election in Zimbabwe — but the opposition is crying foul. And international observers have ...

Mr Non-Delivery: Mnangagwa orders an election victory

It seems a foregone conclusion that Zanu-PF will win the elections in Zimbabwe this week. If that means a continuation of its economic policies, it’s unlikely ...

Zimbabwe’s voteless, voiceless diaspora

As Zimbabweans gear up for elections on August 23, the debate around the diaspora vote is front-and-centre. Analysts believe say excluding their voices is to ...