Behind Nigeria’s electoral race

Nigeria’s presidential poll looks to be a close-run race, with little to choose between the two major political parties and their candidates for the top job

Senegal’s Macky Sall set for elections win

It is likely that Macky Sall, president since 2012, will garner sufficient support in the February 24 poll to avoid a second-round vote

Will Africa’s biggest copper mine be up for sale?

The big mineral companies have long been laying golden eggs for the Sadc region, but, with the exception of Botswana, governments are rewarding them only with ...

Zimbabwe: tipping close to the edge

Zimbabwe is suffering from a fuel crisis, a foreign currency crisis, an investment crisis and, now, a political crisis. There seems little way out

DRC politics makes strange bedfellows

Félix Tshisekedi has provisionally been declared winner of the DRC election. But there are suspicions that Joseph Kabila may have done a deal

Cashing in on Africa’s lucrative mobile money market

With 87-million monthly users, the mobile money market in Africa is proving lucrative — and it still has ample room to grow

End of the line for Congo’s Kabila?

Joseph Kabila has picked an awkward candidate as his preferred successor. The opposition is divided and undermined by ego. But whatever the outcome of the ...

The politics of petrol in Zimbabwe

Fears that differences in government over economic interests relating to energy supply are affecting political decision-making at the highest level

A fine balance: international power plays in Djibouti

Djibouti’s seizure of an Emirati-run port suggests the tiny Horn of Africa country is looking to leverage its strategic position

Zambians see red over Chinese investments

Fears of Chinese involvement in the Zambian economy have spilt over into xenophobic riots against Chinese nationals

Maputo’s massive infrastructure facelift

A tarred road, culminating in Africa’s longest suspension bridge, now connects northern KwaZulu-Natal and Maputo

Zambia mining tax: digging a hole?

Zambia’s government hopes a new mining tax will add an extra $90m a year to its coffers. But an industry body warns of deleterious effects

Zimbabwe’s currency woes continue

Everything from fuel to medicines and groceries are in short supply in Zimbabwe following a month-long panic-buying spree

Tanzania’s descent into despotism

John Magufuli has done much in the way of reform — but the slow creep towards autocracy is concerning

Investor sentiment dims as Zimbabwe’s economy plummets

The Zimbabwean government has introduced austerity measures in an attempt to resuscitate the ailing economy. But investors are wary

How SA can position itself in the peacekeeping market

SA has the expertise, currency environment and value chains to capitalise on continental peacekeeping markets