XHANTI PAYI: Labour unions fit for the moment?

Are labour unions doing enough to represent the interests of their members? The Covid disruption offers the opportunity for a reset

IAN FUHR: How ‘cultureneering’ can help companies survive Covid-19

The traditional focus on the bottom line and cost-cutting wasn’t working before this pandemic, and Covid-19 has only shone a harsher spotlight on the ...

TRACEY DAVIES: PwC waves magic wage gap wand

In its latest report on executive remuneration, the firm has magicked away about two-thirds of CEO pay

MICHAEL MARCHANT: Steinhoff: in the dark, still

Crucial reports which contain detailed information about how the fraud took place and who is responsible are still not publicly available

How grants eased the Covid pain

In all, 63% of the population could have benefited from President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Covid-19 grants

DENNIS DAVIS: Fix the tax net holes

Instead of looking to increase the tax burden, SA should be looking at ways to recoup that which it is owed

ANDRE VISSER: The JSE’s balancing act

The critical balance we have to maintain is allowing our listed companies to raise capital to remain productive, while recognising shareholders’ rights

TRACEY DAVIES: Who fears JSE ‘censure’?

The exchange should reflect on its powers and how best to use them if it is to rebuild trust in the market

SINDI ZILWA: Why SA fails to create jobs

Rather than encouraging entrepreneurship, we’ve reduced breadwinners to grant collectors. This must change

MARIE ANTELME: Debt quicksands loom for SA

South Africans are right to question the sustainability of the government’s debt position. Its commitment to austerity will be heavily tested

GREG MILLS: Don’t scrap it, fix it

Calls to abolish the army are misguided. But that doesn’t mean there’s not a mountain of problems with it. Instead, we should look to reform it

SIPHIWE DLAMINI: Actually, SA owes us

While there have been times when the SANDF overstepped the mark, the call to abolish it ignores the value the military provides to SA

JON FOSTER-PEDLEY: SA higher education doesn’t work

It’s time to find a new model that meets the country’s needs

NIC SPAULL: National lockdowns and national school closures are not the answer

Nationwide school closures will be devastating, especially for children and women. By refusing to work, teachers are risking the lives of children and ...

MICHAEL KATZ: Why tax incentives won’t work

It’s been a common refrain: put in place more tax incentives to boost SA’s post-Covid economy. It’s not the solution you think

JEREMY SAMPSON: Rands for brands in M

Expect intangibles like brands to be a far greater component of M&A deals. And remember the cautionary tale of Rolls-Royce