SANISHA PACKIRISAMY: Geopolitical risk — a shadow over the ballot box

South Africa’s elections will take place against the backdrop of international events. While domestic issues will be top of mind, it’s important not to forget ...

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There’s a yawning chasm between what large companies say about climate change and what they are doing about it

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South Africa’s political landscape may be maturing, but a proliferation of parties alone is not enough to revitalise the country

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If Africa is to grow, it's not enough to boost just its global trade. Intracontinental trade should be the first step to success

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The government’s celebration of the recent GDP figures belies the state of the country’s economy

SANISHA PACKIRISAMY: Build, forget, regret: the costly cycle of infrastructure neglect

South Africa needs as much as R6.2-trillion to meet the UN sustainable development goals by 2030. Three-quarters of this is required to rehabilitate neglected ...

TRACEY DAVIES: Don’t be duped by fossil fuel tactics

The fossil fuel lobby has successfully raised doubts about renewable energy projects. Don’t be fooled: it’s a calculated strategy to extend the life of coal, ...

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The Argentinian leader has captured public imagination. But beyond the theatrics, he offers some lessons South Africa would be well advised to consider

How the Land Bank can reinvent itself

A strategic rethink is needed for an institution that can ensure food security

GINA SCHOEMAN: Rabbit out of Enoch’s hat

With a bit of creativity, the finance minister has saved the day. Tapping into the GFECRA reserves will reduce the country’s debt burden, leaving more funds to ...

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In the search for fiscal stability, five factors are likely to shape the country’s discourse in the medium term

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It’s all good and well to celebrate the successes in South Africa — but you can’t blithely gloss over the abject failures

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Billions of Just Energy Transition Partnership funds have already been spent, allocated or ‘pledged’. But there’s been no transparency around this crucial ...

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Regulations for businesses and auditors are good things, but as they currently stand, many disadvantage small companies