JEREMY SAMPSON: Age is but a number

We don’t give enough credit to older members of society who continue to contribute meaningfully — and whose experience may be invaluable

JOHN STEENHUISEN: A flawed growth plan

The government’s growth plan just won’t cut it. What SA needs is a plan that encourages investment by ensuring true economic freedom

TRACEY DAVIES: Of mining, ethics and murder

‘Stakeholder capitalism’ and pronouncements on corporate social responsibility are more about spin than about SA’s poor

MARIUS REITZ: How bitcoin survived first crisis

The world’s best-known cryptocurrency has just set a new record by closing above $10,000 over 85 days — a strong bullish signal

JAMES FORMBY: Can this time be different for SA?

Hold off on new taxes, cut state spend and stop the SOE rot — add that to Ramaphosa’s recovery plan, and SA has a chance

BERNARD AGULHAS: When governance goes awry

Too many people charged with ensuring governance at companies seem to believe their job is to defend the CEO

XHANTI PAYI: We need to talk about Stats SA

Statistical lags are problematic in a crisis, when agility is needed in decision-making — and up-to-date data is vital to that

SARIKA MODI: We need to talk about advertising

Besides diversity, there has to be a level of maturity and cultural understanding of SA’s historical narratives

ZAKHELE MBHELE: Defying a failing state

If we wait for the ideal black liberal-democratic political party to magically appear, we’ll be waiting forever — and SA will be a failed state by then

STEPHEN VAN COLLER: Dear Mr President, please don’t let our SOEs steal the future

As CEO of a company in crisis, I know what happens. So I ask you, Mr President, please fix SA’s debt today

XHANTI PAYI: Labour unions fit for the moment?

Are labour unions doing enough to represent the interests of their members? The Covid disruption offers the opportunity for a reset

IAN FUHR: How ‘cultureneering’ can help companies survive Covid-19

The traditional focus on the bottom line and cost-cutting wasn’t working before this pandemic, and Covid-19 has only shone a harsher spotlight on the ...

TRACEY DAVIES: PwC waves magic wage gap wand

In its latest report on executive remuneration, the firm has magicked away about two-thirds of CEO pay

MICHAEL MARCHANT: Steinhoff: in the dark, still

Crucial reports which contain detailed information about how the fraud took place and who is responsible are still not publicly available

How grants eased the Covid pain

In all, 63% of the population could have benefited from President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Covid-19 grants

DENNIS DAVIS: Fix the tax net holes

Instead of looking to increase the tax burden, SA should be looking at ways to recoup that which it is owed