ON MY MIND: Brave new world

Brexit offers the opportunity to cure the colonial hangover and build more equal UK-Africa relations

SIPHO PITYANA: Resist state capture

The Save SA campaign’s blueprint for change is essential reading for anyone who feels we need to do everything possible to save SA before it is too late

DAVID MAYNIER: ‘Malikanegate’ ahead?

Either the finance minister was lying when he said his economic adviser had been told to keep quiet, or he is too weak to ensure he does so

RALPH MATHEKGA: The missing link in SA’s policy environment

The missing link is state capacity, and nationalisation is not the solution

CATHLEEN POWELL: Firing a president

The president can feasibly be removed only if he has lost control of the party leadership as well as the confidence of parliament

SIPHO PITYANA: Gupta colonialism

Within a short time, a family of foreign traders has gone from running a computer dealership to running our country

GHALEB CACHALIA: Let all views be heard

If we react to Zille’s tweets with immediate outrage, we do ourselves, and the country we are trying to build, no favours

Trevor Manuel on Kathrada's legacy

The passing of Ahmed Kathrada means SA bids farewell to a man who was revered by all, irrespective of political allegiance

SEÁN MULLER: Is Sars right on the money?

Revenue collection affects the stability of public finances and service delivery, so it is important to know whether claims made about it are correct

SANDILE MEMELA: Sars isn’t paranoid

Sections of the media seem to have a mischievous tendency to cast aspersions on the character of the tax-collection organisation

ON MY MIND: Standoff puts future of BEE at stake

The standoff over the ‘once empowered, always empowered’ principle puts the future of black economic empowerment at stake

Eskom board responds: A case of facts getting in the way of a story

Financial Mail stories about Eskom are based on the contents of an uncorroborated draft report that has no legal status, writes Khulani Qoma

ON MY MIND: Inside information

Trust has been the mainstay of relationships between banks and their clients, so why would they place their principles at risk in the battle for business?

On My Mind: Hear the voiceless

Why anger won, liberalism lost and democracy was the referee, writes Tendai Musikavanhu

On My Mind: The fault is not with Fica

Criticism of the Fica Bill from the ANC Youth League and Manyi’s Progressive Professionals Forum should be dismissed outright, writes Azwimpheleli Langalanga

On My Mind: Handling the headwinds

The mini-budget has reinforced that sound fiscal management is intact in SA, but challenges for the economy are growing