JEREMY SAMPSON: Whom do you trust?

Elections offer us an opportunity to install leaders we trust in positions of power. Like brands, politicians past their sell-by date should be pushed aside

PAUL DUNNE: Mining’s $64bn question

Are today’s mining leaders ill-disciplined when it comes to capital allocation, playing loose and fast with the company balance sheet, and chasing favourite ...

TRACEY DAVIES: Activists are not the enemy

Recent attacks on environmental activists are deeply disingenuous and also wide of the mark


While some lobby groups argue for just one source of energy, any responsible government would look to ensure there’s a mix

TRACEY DAVIES: Call me a taxi, Mr spaceman

Some take a jaunt to space, others trudge to work in the rain. It’s clear our systems have failed the poor

MARTYN DAVIES: Understand this about geopolitical tensions

In the wake of Covid, the international business environment is likely to be increasingly complex. Companies would do well to take heed ...

PATRICE RASSOU: Chinese salvo rattles investors

For Naspers and Prosus shareholders, the large and growing discount between the share price and the underlying investments of the company can partly be traced ...

TRACEY DAVIES: More balance, less boasting

The emphasis on environmental, social and governance issues has led to an explosion of reporting — but little clarity

ADÈLE SULCAS: Turning the tide on Covid crisis

The mRNA hub is no silver bullet for the Covid crisis. But it’s an important first step in changing the terms of engagement between the global north and south ...

DELPHINE GOVENDER: Standing up to Goliath

In an unprecedented move, 36 investment managers recently co-signed a letter addressed to the Naspers and Prosus nonexecutive directors

NICKY NEWTON-KING: The Jabu Mabuza I knew

From his days as taxi driver to corporate heavyweight, his leadership was on full display in the fight against state capture

JOHN STEENHUISEN: DA is ready to govern

Contrary to recent opinion, the DA can and will get more votes, because we deliver on the things voters care most about: jobs, service delivery and honest ...

CHRIS OXTOBY: Legal urgency

With the judiciary under pressure, it's important for President Cyril Ramaphosa to begin the process of finding a new chief justice without delay

TRACEY DAVIES: Why mind the wage gap?

The angry backlash against Ebrahim Patel’s announcement about wage-gap disclosure is misplaced

CHRIS HATTINGH: Busting the NHI myth

Rather than fix the broken public health system, policymakers are looking to the private sector to provide more money for National Health Insurance

ANSIE RAMALHO: Why Ramaphosa was wrong about cadres

The key to proper governance is to get the best people, with the right skills — not people representing factional interests