ANSIE RAMALHO: Of boards and black swans

Could boards of directors have foreseen Covid-19? Maybe. But contrary to what some say, you can prepare for a black swan

DENNIS DAVIS: Finding the money to fight Covid-19

While some call for extensive spending to combat the virus, the real trick will be obtaining the funds to do so

DELPHINE GOVENDER: Look back for the future

Four months ago, you’d never have predicted where you’d be. But there’s only one guide to conquering your anxiety, especially on the markets: history

XHANTI PAYI: Low-hanging fruit in SA’s agriculture sector

SA’s agricultural sector has much to offer. It’s time for the government to focus on the practicalities to unlock that value

ROBERT APPELBAUM: Actually, state capture amnesty would work

Last week, Open Secrets argued that an amnesty for state capture would fail. It’s wrong

DEON GOUWS: This time it’s no different

The biggest danger to investors’ wealth is never the next correction or bear market, but their own behaviour

ROB BERGMAN: Rules of engagement

Making the most of investment opportunities in Africa requires a willingness by investors to take a different approach to dealmaking

JEAN PIERRE VERSTER: No smooth sailing for cruise line shares

Does the drop in cruise line shares represent an attractive opportunity for the long-term investor?

DENNIS DAVIS: Mboweni’s tax tightrope

With little scope to hike tax, Mboweni’s plan is for Sars to become a whole lot better in collections

XHANTI PAYI: Red tape harms job creation

The onerous process the City of Joburg puts entrepreneurs through is at odds with Ramaphosa’s plans for SA

BULELWA MABASA: Reforming the land reform rules

Two decades on and the state has finally drafted a policy to spell out who should benefit from land reform. It’s a big step in the right direction

ANDREW LAPPING: Why local is lekker again

Global asset valuations — both equity and fixed interest — look less appealing than those of SA assets

MICHAEL MARCHANT: No accountability at Liberty Life

After hounding out the whistleblower who exposed Liberty Life’s disastrous pension fund cancellations programme, the insurer has sat on its hands

XHANTI PAYI: Rethinking labour

Back in 2011, the unions’ main concern was the threat of imports from Walmart. Such a myopic focus meant they missed the real shift in retail

GEOFF COOK: Changing the mindset

The steady decline in listings of small and medium-sized companies on the JSE is attributable to a negative economic cycle and investor sentiment

SIPHO PITYANA: Halting the slide to a failed state

Business has long pressed President Cyril Ramaphosa to take tough action. But the government fails to see the urgency