HAROON BHORAT: Minimum-wage gamble

It’s a measure that is often touted as a panacea for inequality. But setting a minimum wage is a double-edged sword, as agriculture has shown

HAROON BHORAT: SA’s missing middle

To address SA’s inequality, we need to understand the roots of our wage disparity. The problem lies right in the middle – not at the bottom or top

RUSSELL LAMBERTI: Ace’s quantitative teasing and the magic money tree

Ace Magashule bungled the words when calling for QE last week. Call it what you will: printing money is a recipe for hyperinflation and disaster

HEINRICH BÖHMKE: The role of lawyers in state capture

Auditors and PR agents have drawn a considerable amount of flak for enabling corruption. But how is it that law firms have avoided censure?

MARIA FRAHM-ARP: Understanding the rise of cult churches in SA

Why, at the start of the fourth industrial revolution, do we see a rise in cult churches with bizarre incidents during worship?

ZAID KIMMIE: Xolobeni turns on ANC

Pending legislation will give traditional leaders far too much sway over the lives of their 'subjects' and could cost the ANC further voter support

JABU MABUZA: It’s no time for bystanders

The window of opportunity to fix SA's economy is closing, so we need to rethink our investment paradigm today

DELPHINE GOVENDER: SA can be the comeback kid

Woods proved last weekend that he’s no paper tiger; it’s time for SA to band together so the economy can do the same

KATHERINE BROWN: The dying of the light

Fixing Eskom requires a better mix of energy sources including nuclear, a lower wage bill, appointing staff on merit and more autonomy for the board

ETTIENNE LE ROUX: SA can’t bank on China

Hopes that a significant stimulus in China could lift SA from its growth slump are unrealistic. Better to zero in on challenges closer to home

MIKE SCHUSSLER: Narrowing the terms of the tax debate

Taxes are taxes. Total government revenue is something else

JEAN PIERRE VERSTER: Hedge fund myths

Critics of hedge funds, like 10X’s Steven Nathan, get it wrong when it comes to these funds’ performance and accountability to investors

DELPHINE GOVENDER: All rather tired of surprises

Corporate SA has not asked Tito Mboweni or other finance ministers for all that much — just no bombshells, please

MIKE SCHUSSLER: The burden of truth

SA has very little to show for the amount of tax its citizens hand over. You won’t hear that on budget day

MUGWENA MALULEKE: Stop the unhealthy obsession with Sadtu

As the SA Democratic Teachers Union we flatly reject the notion that we are to blame for any crisis in education in which the president must intervene

DOUGLAS GIBSON: Vote DA to boost Cyril Ramaphosa

As the former DA chief whip, I’ve seen the ANC meltdown. And I know that voting for the ANC to strengthen the president would be foolish