JOHN STEENHUISEN: Reject SA’s socialist slide

With the economy at a precipice, we can’t afford socialist flights of fancy. The only option now is liberal democracy

MARIA RAMOS: Farewell to one of our finest Peter Matlare

Former Absa CEO Maria Ramos pays tribute to deputy CEO Peter Matlare, who died from Covid-19 complications

TRACEY DAVIES: Gas fantasies threaten climate progress

Almost everyone who touts gas as a ‘game-changer’ has an interest in gas-focused policy developments

ETTIENNE LE ROUX: SA households have reserves in the money tank

A deep recession coinciding with an increase in household savings. What gives?

JEREMY SAMPSON: A year, in Covid-time

If we take a step back from the crisis, we can appreciate the extent to which we have rapidly adapted to the pandemic we never saw coming

ERIC LEVENSTEIN: Beware the walking dead of zombie companies

Directors of zombie companies will have to consider if they should be trading at all

TRACEY DAVIES: Valuing our debt to nature

The Dasgupta review recommends assigning monetary worth to natural assets. It cannot be ignored

HERMAN MASHABA: No to higher taxes

The ANC has driven SA off the fiscal cliff, and talk of raising new taxes for vaccines is a ruse to make you pay for the party’s failure

MEGAN PYDIGADU: The cons of remote working

Remote working suits particular categories of workers better than others

JOSIAH RUDOLPH: Investing and artificial intelligence

Can asset managers use artificial intelligence models to make better stock market calls?

DENNIS DAVIS: Upping the ante on high net worth individuals

Tax audits on high net worth individuals won’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg. After all, those who are tax compliant have nothing to fear

TRACEY DAVIES: Breaking the grip of the boys’ club

Company boards are still far from representative when it comes to gender — almost purposefully so, it seems

TRACEY DAVIES: Bank bonuses screw the planet

Standard Bank’s climate policy is more than just hypocrisy; it shows financial institutions pay only lip service to climate goals

TRACEY DAVIES: Pay rules are ripe for an overhaul

SA shareholders are pushing back at excessive executive pay — but their votes on the issue remain nonbinding

JEREMY SAMPSON: Age is but a number

We don’t give enough credit to older members of society who continue to contribute meaningfully — and whose experience may be invaluable

JOHN STEENHUISEN: A flawed growth plan

The government’s growth plan just won’t cut it. What SA needs is a plan that encourages investment by ensuring true economic freedom