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GRAHAM BARR AND BRIAN KANTOR: Busting the compound returns myth

It's not the act of reinvesting that makes a business or individual rich; it's the underlying rate of growth that really counts

SHIRLEY DE VILLIERS: What a mess(age)

From Gauteng premier Panyaza Lesufi’s announcement on liquor licences, to the ANC using the deputy chief justice’s image to promote its own interests, South ...

ADRIAAN PASK: Behind the bond yield spike

There are many reasons bond yields at home and abroad have surged, but even if the Fed starts to cut interest rates in 2024, you’ll still need a strong stomach ...

TRACEY DAVIES: Restated, reviewed, missed: a 20-year timeline of Sasol’s climate commitments

The record shows a consistent inability of energy company Sasol to meet its own objectives

SHIRLEY DE VILLIERS: ANC’s storm in a world cup

The fracas over who held the Webb Ellis trophy aloft in eThekwini is indicative of fissures in the ANC — and of the parent body’s inability to bring its errant ...

What Godongwana’s medium-term budget didn’t tell us

When analysing Enoch Godongwana’s MTBPS, it’s arguably just as important to consider what wasn’t said as what was

JOHN STEENHUISEN: Polls and Poles — a portent for 2024

While new surveys point to the growing strength of the DA, recent Polish elections offer an example of how opposition pacts can upend electoral outcomes.  ...

REUBEN BRIGETY: Agoa is an opportunity to deepen ties between the US and SA

The African Growth & Opportunity Act is a key pillar to realising a vision for shared prosperity — which is why the US administration fully supports its ...

SANISHA PACKIRISAMY: Global growth: trick or treat?

The global economy is a haunted house at the moment, but brush away the cobwebs and some prizes are in sight

GILAD ISAACS: Nothing fanciful about the GFECRA option

The GFECRA option might not be a silver bullet, but it’s overly cyncial to dismiss it as a mythical pot of gold

FATSANI BANDA: It’s not possible to tax the country into growth

The beer industry is under pressure, and the unpredictable and volatile excise tax system isn’t helping


It’s not just a fuzzy nice-to-have; it’s in a company’s financial interest to ensure ethical behaviour that serves a broader public interest

TRACEY DAVIES: Wage gap highlights SA’s empathy deficit

The Companies Amendment Bill introduces wage gap disclosure. It also highlights the concerning notion that the lowest-paid workers should be grateful for ...

ADRIAAN PASK: How much should you invest offshore?

It’s not just about choosing a region; your life goals are key in how you structure your (offshore) assets

JON FOSTER-PEDLEY: A new manifesto for business schools in South Africa

South Africa has some of the best international and local business schools in the world, but it also has one of the largest undeveloped talent pools. This ...

PATRICK KELLY: Yes, inflation is falling — here’s why

How you measure inflation matters. An annualised monthly view fails to take into account one-off yearly price changes as well as volatility in particular price ...