DELPHINE GOVENDER: Standing up to Goliath

In an unprecedented move, 36 investment managers recently co-signed a letter addressed to the Naspers and Prosus nonexecutive directors

CHRIS OXTOBY: Legal urgency

With the judiciary under pressure, it's important for President Cyril Ramaphosa to begin the process of finding a new chief justice without delay

JOHN STEENHUISEN: DA is ready to govern

Contrary to recent opinion, the DA can and will get more votes, because we deliver on the things voters care most about: jobs, service delivery and honest ...

TRACEY DAVIES: Why mind the wage gap?

The angry backlash against Ebrahim Patel’s announcement about wage-gap disclosure is misplaced

CHRIS HATTINGH: Busting the NHI myth

Rather than fix the broken public health system, policymakers are looking to the private sector to provide more money for National Health Insurance

ANSIE RAMALHO: Why Ramaphosa was wrong about cadres

The key to proper governance is to get the best people, with the right skills — not people representing factional interests

TRACEY DAVIES: Anglo’s coal pipe dream

Mine CEOs say getting rid of coal assets, as Anglo has now done, is the ‘responsible’ thing to do. But they’re just running away from future liabilities

PATRICE RASSOU: Football is now squarely a money game

In typical capitalist style, US owners are better at maximising profits for their teams

JEREMY SAMPSON: Calling all rock star CEOs

SA needs more ‘celebrity’ CEOs — visible leaders with the vision and resolve to guide their companies through the most difficult of times

ISABELLA MNISI: A flawed infrastructure plan

The practicalities of disclosure make it difficult for infrastructure transactions to comply with the JSE’s debt listing strictures

TRACEY DAVIES: Pandemic payday for SA executives

Remuneration packages for top local executives are set to soar on the back of the Covid recovery

NEAL RIJKENBERG: Eswatini rolling back the state

Eswatini is overhauling its governance structures to allow a private sector-led recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic — and to ensure sustainability

JOHN STEENHUISEN: Reject SA’s socialist slide

With the economy at a precipice, we can’t afford socialist flights of fancy. The only option now is liberal democracy

MARIA RAMOS: Farewell to one of our finest Peter Matlare

Former Absa CEO Maria Ramos pays tribute to deputy CEO Peter Matlare, who died from Covid-19 complications

TRACEY DAVIES: Gas fantasies threaten climate progress

Almost everyone who touts gas as a ‘game-changer’ has an interest in gas-focused policy developments

ETTIENNE LE ROUX: SA households have reserves in the money tank

A deep recession coinciding with an increase in household savings. What gives?