Gerrie Nel during the Oscar Piostorius trial. Picture: REUTERS
Gerrie Nel during the Oscar Piostorius trial. Picture: REUTERS

State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel has quit‚ citing "other interests" when he gave notice to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA). 

Nel is to head a private prosecution team which AfriForum is currently establishing‚ TimesLIVE has learnt.

Reliable sources say the team will pursue prosecutions where the State "fails miserably or simply refuses to prosecute".

Forensic consultant Paul O’Sullivan is believed to be part of the team.

Kallie Kriel of Afriforum would neither deny nor confirm that Nel would be joining the organisation.

Luvuyo Mfaku‚ NPA spokesperson‚ told TimesLIVE that Nel handed his resignation to his boss‚ Advocate Sibongile Mzinyathi‚ the director of public prosecutions in Pretoria.

Nel‚ he said‚ has cited other interests outside the NPA.

"The NPA wishes Nel well in his future endevours. We have other highly capable prosecutors who will take over his current cases.

"In the cases that Nel is working on‚ he has a team of prosecutors who will help to carry on with these cases as they have intrinsic knowledge of these cases."

South Africans have responded with shock to the news.

Ayanda Mpofu ‏@AyandaMpofu2 tweeted‚ "Gerrie Nel‚ 24 hour resignation notice‚ so sudden...there's something fishy about Nel's resignation‚ what or who is he running from?" while Botlalo ‏@dionbotlalo shared‚ "This move does not come as a surprise. NPA has become a mockery of our justice system. More revelations to come soon".

Commenting on Nel's reputation‚ Nicca ‏@Miss_T147 shared‚ "Gerrie Nel gave us hope that there is justice in Satafrika afterall" while Zulu Royal ‏@BusieSMkhize commented‚ "Prosecutor Gerrie Nel quits. What a loss. The NPA is going to the dogs".

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