MARC HASENFUSS: The only way is UP?

Universal Partners is a small investment company with a handful of unlisted offshore holdings

MARC HASENFUSS: Shaking things up

Speaking of mythical creatures, the activist investor — all too rare on the JSE — seems to be emerging from the woods

MARC HASENFUSS: Cash flush? Cash in!

AME, with a market capitalisation of just over R200m (and R72m in the bank), must be a candidate for a minority offer

MARC HASENFUSS: Hedging against unrest

While most pundits were suggesting Trellidor as an unrest hedge, I have been wondering about the potential for Nu-World

MARC HASENFUSS: How to rekindle PSG’s fire

If PSG signalled an intention to actively seek out new investments, the market might be a tad more interested

MARC HASENFUSS: Richemont bags a sneaky deal

Richemont has acquired Belgian leather goods specialist Delvaux, which has been going for the best part of two centuries

MARC HASENFUSS: Beastly times in the Cape

The Kommetjie baboon troop — seemingly expanded — has returned (again), and the alpha male had a wonderful time slipping and sliding around my wet roof

MARC HASENFUSS: High-stakes food delivery

While food delivery seems a fair racket, it has always seemed a rather strange taste for Prosus to acquire

MARC HASENFUSS: Life after cigarettes

Is British American Tobacco stacking up customers for its next-generation products fast enough?

MARC HASENFUSS: The nine lives of HCI

Never underestimate its ability to manoeuvre out of tight corners

MARC HASENFUSS: Deneb pulls off the big one

Deneb Investments, a small(ish) industrial cog in the Hosken Consolidated Investments empire, pulled off a big one in the year to end-March

MARC HASENFUSS: Quantum anticlimax

Looking at Quantum’s half-year to end-March results now, a few punters might wonder if the ructions were justified

MARC HASENFUSS: Believing in Brian Joffe

A rejigged Long4Life, it might be argued, would not really hold a portfolio that justifies a continued listing. I disagree

MARC HASENFUSS: No midlife crisis for CMH

In June last year, when Covid was just starting to rage in SA, CMH trundled down to under R10 on the JSE. The share has since doubled

MARC HASENFUSS: Discerning the real value play in Trematon

At the moment the share price is asking some serious questions

MARC HASENFUSS: Sobering stuff in JSEville

I wonder if Mediclinic, which is still convalescing from this prolonged bout of Covid, would not be thinking of taking another tilt at Spire?