Adrian Gore. Picture: FINANCIAL MAIL
Adrian Gore. Picture: FINANCIAL MAIL

Reading Adrian Gore’s "call to arms" (Editor’s Note, November 22-28) had me thinking Gore may have become a bit delusional.

But I do not wish to slam the man, so I will restrict myself to a few questions.

Adrian, do you personally have to endure nonsense when your car licence needs renewal? Do you personally have to deal with a useless municipality over an incorrect electricity accout? Do you personally ever have to go to the SA Revenue Service to resolve some tax issue?

Adrian, surely your business acumen can tell you that this country is being ruined financially by people who are interested only in their own pockets.

I trust you will reply to one of your Discovery members. If you choose not to do so, I will put you in the category of a corporate person who spouts the correct political speak but is unable to deal with reality.

Tony Ball