The 45th Ford Kuga in SA was engulfed in flames.

Kugas’ resale and trade-in values have plummeted. Ford SA has done nothing. What a way to damage your brand — Cullem Mathew Brodie

The Kugas are magnificent when not on fire. They are ultra frugal on petrol, have power, the latest bells and whistles, and are very smooth on the road — Dino Ducci

Massmart says its cautious strategy in the rest of Africa is proving to be the right approach.

I heard Massmart gives new employees brochures on how to claim for welfare because their salaries are so bad. So taxpayers are effectively funding Walmart salaries, and once again the "lazy and unambitious" poor must find a second job while welfare cuts are promulgated by those with their snouts in the gravy — Richard Gill

The Steinhoff-Shoprite mega-deal to create an African retail giant has raised some eyebrows due to lack of detail, raising questions of what’s in it for Christo Wiese.

Wiese] can make another million out of it? After all, it was him who built Shoprite to where it is today — Andre du Preez

This merger is the reason Whitey Basson called it a day. For the first time in 42 years he and Wiese could not find common ground — Jacques Theunissen

Even when a pupil’s marks are high enough for admission to university, this is not guaranteed, nor is academic study what the economy needs most.

Bring back technical colleges and apprenticeships so that we have properly trained and qualified plumbers, builders, construction people, electricians etc. The future is with these guys, who can literally help build up this country — Jenny Wolfaardt

With free higher education we are going to land up with 10m accountants, 10m art majors, 10m political analysts, 100 engineers, some doctors, no scientists (maths is difficult) and nobody who can fix or build anything — Luciano Pazzi

Five days until we have a fruitcake in the White House.

Trump is destined to create global chaos in international relations. The global suffering quotient will rise. A hungry baby dinosaur. Disaster — Solinus @solinus

Please do not sully the good name of fruit cake — Angry Faggot Organa @homovexedus

Of currency performance against the US dollar in 2016, Bitcoin emerged on top.

It’s not a currency, get it right — Brandon @brandonbydesign

Development of a new test for African horse sickness could give SA’s equine export business a huge boost.

This will hopefully make a huge difference to the export of thoroughbred horses from SA — Oldlands Stud @OldlandsStud

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