We see a TV trend — a slew of school-related series is airing at the moment. Here are two of our top Netflix options.


We defy you not to love the protagonist of this Danish hit series. Rita is a foul-mouthed, chain-smoking, indiscreet and not especially good single mom of three. But she’s also a brilliant teacher — and pretty decent person under all the layers of complicated. You’ll laugh at this subtitled comedy-drama but it also says a lot about human nature, and raising kids.

Derry Girls

A silly, hyped-up bunch of schoolgirls navigating teenage life. It’s not a new hook for a TV show, but this bunch of mates is growing up in the Northern Ireland town of Derry during the Troubles. Expect funny moments between a spot or two of wild overacting, great 1990s cultural references and some exceptionally poignant scriptwriting about what it’s like to come of age during conflict.