Okay, so first off — and take our word for it — you’ve got to get through the utterly peculiar opening song of the new Netflix series Somebody Feed Phil, and then you will enjoy it. The tune is creepily reminiscent of the one that opened the 1990s cheese extravaganza, America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Banish thoughts of this gaff-centred show and its awkward host, Bob Saget, because the intro song is the low point, and one that will be instantly forgotten when you meet Phil Rosenthal. He’s the guy the six-part series is named for.

The (literally) wide-eyed and effervescent Rosenthal was the creator of long-running sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, so he’s a smart and funny guy. This is evident from the culinary journey he embarks upon for the show. He eats his way through Tel Aviv, Lisbon, Saigon, Mexico City, New Orleans and Bangkok.

Each episode is a smorgasbord of treats, food, people, cultures and the good side of humanity — which, unsurprisingly, is often linked to sharing a meal and a table. Rosenthal meets up with old friends, he makes new ones, he laughs a lot and he Skypes his totally classic mom and dad, who are back home in their US apartment. He’s a real mensch and he makes you want to travel. And eat. A lot.