Looking for something new to watch on Netflix? Here are two diametrically opposed options.

The Good Place

What happens when you’ve been a not-so-great person, die and end up in a heaven-like place, by mistake? The very funny and smart Kristen Bell finds out first-hand in this charming new grey-black comedy. TV legend Ted Danson stars as the insecure architect of said "good place". The cast includes TV presenter Jameela Jamil, who plays the utterly effervescent and ridiculous British socialite Tahani Al-Jamil. Even in the afterlife, she’s throwing parties and name-dropping like a champion. Of sorting out a fight she muses: "I am an expert at mediating conflict. Like when my friends Scary, Sporty, Posh and Baby had an issue with my other friend Archbishop Desmond Tutu." It’s a funny, sharp, feel-good show. Series one is on SA Netflix now, with series two already airing overseas.

Dark Tourist

The latest in a Louis Theroux-style tourism series (that is, a journalist acts like a bumbling fool, thereby getting his subjects to drop their guard and go full crazy) comes out of New Zealand. Like the British Theroux, Kiwi David Farrier heads out across the world to track down the bad, the dangerous and the mad. It’s controversial. Sure, there are the obviously insane destinations; he meets an enforcer of former drug king Pablo Escobar in Colombia, hops to Milwaukee in the US to chat to a fan of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and hangs out in a town hit by radiation in Japan. Then, wait for it, he visits SA, starting out in the "dangerous" township of Alexandra. Watching this, we rolled our eyes a lot.

Of course, young Farrier soon realises that you shouldn’t always believe the hype about a place (can you imagine all the Saffa expats in NZ telling him horror stories pre-trip) and he has a rather nice time with the rather normal people of Alex. But then he visits Orania and gets tipped off about a group of white separatists on Joburg’s West Rand. And that’s when things go a little nuts. Watch it and be enthralled.