Recent research shows that the average American meal travels about 2,400km to get from farm to plate. That’s a pretty large carbon footprint. And while this may not be so alarming in SA, it certainly gives some perspective to the virtue of growing or picking some of the foods we consume.

The De Krans Wine Cellar in Calitzdorp offers such an opportunity, though it is limited to the seasonal fruit-picking months of summer.

From November 22 to December 3 visitors to the cellar can pick Bulida apricots at R6.50/kg; from December 16-27 (excluding Christmas Day) they can pick Oom Sarel cling peaches for R8/kg; and from February 7 to March 4 hanepoot grapes will be going for R7.50/kg.

A day in the orchards is guaranteed to work up an appetite, and the estate’s De Krans Deli & Bistro serves up delectable country cuisine: breakfasts, open deli sandwiches, light lunches, gourmet burgers and seasonal salads. All the dishes have been paired with wines from the De Krans range.

It is a perfect family outing for the holidays.

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