The price of convenience – cybercrime

During the festive season business and consumers have to be especially careful to protect themselves against cyberattacks

GPS: the hidden tool rugby coaches rely on

Data can provide a true picture of player performance, making it both critical to training and a closely guarded team secret

Facebook’s scramble for online Africa

The social media giant is promoting its potential as a platform for app developers and tech start-ups

Joburg hack revealed ignorance is weakest spot in all digital systems

The attack on Joburg by the Shadow Kill Hackers group lifted the lid on other vulnerabilities that potentially affect millions of people

Self-service here to stay, ready or not

Self-checkout technology is knocking on SA’s shopping aisle. But will it cause a retail jobs apocalypse?

DNA testing: it can help you rethink your diet

DNA testing offers ways for well-heeled consumers to personalise their wellness regimes

Africa’s first electric vehicle road trip

The reality is that SA is simply not ready to embrace electric vehicles for long journeys

Technology advances in the mining sector

Mining — where scale and complexity often slow the pace of change — could benefit from investments in technology

Where should we invest our money?

Telecoms operators with deliberate strategies to grow mobile data and mobile money are the best bet for investors, experts say

SA is home to the world’s largest 3D printer

With state-of-the-art 3D printer – the largest in the world – the CSIR plans to secure contracts with international aircraft makers

Quit blaming us for decline of newspapers, Facebook director says

Facebook executive: publishers should take responsibility for their failing businesses, instead of blaming social media

Are bigger screens better?

Screens have taken over a large chunk of our society: displays are now built into almost every piece of tech. But does bigger mean better?

Biometrics: the end of identity documents?

Biometric data makes it easy to verify a person’s identity, but is it safe to hand fingerprint and other information to third parties?

The reinvention of Lego

Toy companies are having to rethink their strategy to remain relevant in a tech-driven world. It’s no easy game

A new way to test drive cars with virtual reality

Virtual reality will help you test your car, just as the internet made vehicle shopping easier. Customer loyalty will be a key

Why Jumia seems to be getting it right in Africa

Despite difficulties and some naysayers, Nigerian start-up Jumia shows the way by finding an e-commerce niche in Africa