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Will MoMo 2.0 make mobile money fly for MTN?

Traditional banking’s digital alternative is getting a boost from the largest mobile operator in Africa in its home market

Nvidia rides its second wave

The US company that made the chip used to mine bitcoin now produces the graphics processors that AI needs

The super influencer from Pretoria

How Elon Musk’s tech tentacles have penetrated to the heart of the US defence and industrial establishment

Google makes a mint off the media

Google Search earns 40% of its revenue from media content, study shows

Google faulted for platform dominance

South African investigation finds Google distorts marketplace competition

De-influencers add sanity to the socials

TikTok’s ‘mascara-gate’ exposes the fakery of paid product reviews – and sparks a backlash

Google’s video ads that nobody watched

Some are crying fraud over Google’s failure to deliver on its promises to advertisers

What the Reddit blackout says about the internet

As the profit motive becomes more pressing for Reddit’s CEO, the volunteer moderators he relies on are ‘going dark’ in protest

Goodbye passwords, hello, passkeys

There’s a new way to get into your device that is safer and offers better protection

Facebook data from the EU blocked at the Atlantic

Meta deserves its record €1.2bn EU fine as much as Europeans deserve their privacy

Cash refuses to die in South Africa

Bank notes and coins are still the most convenient option for many South Africans

Can fintech solve Sassa’s social grant payment crisis?

With innovative financial services and fintech start-ups at hand, the government could use this rich vein of smarts to distribute social grants

The evaporating frontier between fact and fiction

AI fakery is growing increasingly convincing, with ominous consequences

Samsung's One UI 5.1 experience is coming to a Galaxy near you

SPONSORED | The software update’s exciting new features offer more visual appeal, creativity and personalisation

5G’s glittering engagement with gems

Jwaneng, the world’s richest diamond mine, is embracing hi-tech to improve safety and streamline operations

Trying out new rapid payment service PayShap

Goodbye, bank account details — you can now pay someone with their mobile number