DiDi tilts at Uber in the battle for SA’s roads

DiDi Chuxing offers safety and other features that will benefit drivers and passengers

PODCAST: How transactions are evolving to ‘plastic with a digital feel’

Visa South Africa country manager Aldo Laubscher says despite Covid and its effects, the last two years have accelerated digitisation and digital ways of paying

Beijing gets tough about keeping kids off ‘e-drugs’

China and SA have different views when it comes to computer games. China has enforced time limits whereas SA tries to control content

ShopriteX: crossroads of invention

Checkers launches a cashier-less shopping experience — which is just the latest step it has taken to use tech to revitalise retail

Hold the phone — new Telkom CEO is on a mission

Delays in the awarding of spectrum could worsen, as Telkom’s CEO-designate insists on challenging the Vodacom/MTN duopoly

The rise and rise of open-source software

The benefits of open-source software include steadily changing the world, one source code at a time

Using artificial intelligence to make SA’s roads safer

There’s still a debate around privacy and transparency, with worries around how companies and the government will use data

Video: the rising pandemic star

YouTube has a highly engaged audience, with more than 1-billion hours of content consumed daily, says the company’s blog

Workplace, home space, or a bit of both?

The hybrid employee: how to keep staff and their employers happy and productive in a post-Covid world

Fanning the flames through the internet

As visible as the social media instigators were, Twitter played less of a role than closed WhatsApp groups in launching ‘insurrection’

Qwest TV: music of all kinds by artists from all over

A streaming site brings a treasure trove of concert videos and documentaries to SA for the first time

Ideas to toy with: marketers take TikTok seriously

Social media use and advertising are changing, and the platform, once popular mostly with the young, is using this to its advantage

Watch this space: the smart way to pay

Leave your wallet and cards behind: this is how I used my smartwatch and a virtual card to make a payment

The real problem with 5G

5G communication can increase cybersecurity threats — and homes, vehicles and automated plants are at risk

Private and confidential: leak that data at your peril

In a few weeks' time companies that have personal details about consumers will be forced to keep the information secure

The rental revolution — or how not to buy a car

The new trend for big-ticket items such as vehicles is to forgo ownership and debt in favour of monthly payments