Watch this space: the smart way to pay

Leave your wallet and cards behind: this is how I used my smartwatch and a virtual card to make a payment

The real problem with 5G

5G communication can increase cybersecurity threats — and homes, vehicles and automated plants are at risk

Private and confidential: leak that data at your peril

In a few weeks' time companies that have personal details about consumers will be forced to keep the information secure

The rental revolution — or how not to buy a car

The new trend for big-ticket items such as vehicles is to forgo ownership and debt in favour of monthly payments

Visa embraces crypto amid more positive sentiment

It will focus on cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, nonfungible tokens and central bank digital currencies, but regulation in SA is still an issue

Vodacom, MTN in network spending spree — can it last?

Further spectrum auction delays could jeopardise infrastructure investment by MTN and Vodacom and the rollout of 5G in SA

ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK: Soon every car will feel like driving a smartphone

With every new model of most vehicle brands, the integration of digital tools and capabilities goes one step further into the future

Africa’s internet economy racing ahead at topsy-turvy speed

Funding for new tech ventures in Africa hit a record last year as investors look to access its tech-savvy consumer base

Behind Apple’s 28,000 stock rise

Aside from blowout earnings, the company is at its most exciting right now as its own silicon chip receives rave reviews

Netflix, the content mill for Africa

Despite signing up far fewer new subscribers globally than it had hoped, Netflix Africa is investing in more local stories and content

Hold the phone, LG makes a smart move

The company's inventive devices couldn't keep up with the industry's giants. It will now focus on growth areas such as AI and robotics

Pandemic shapes trends in contactless payment

The lockdown has affected consumer spending habits — and has finally brought Apple Pay to SA

How Covid sped up SA’s digital transformation

Nearly 80% of local organisations have fast-tracked their digital transformation programmes and SMEs can’t afford to be left behind

Why laptop and PlayStation prices are soaring

Semiconductor shortage due to work-from-home measures, greater demand for smart TVs, and US-China trade sanctions

Blockchain NFTs shake art world

Sophia the Robot is also jumping on the crypto-art bandwagon, and SA artist White on Rice recently sold his first NFT, or Nifty, on

Ready and waiting: plug points for electric cars on the road

SA-based auto companies are slowly gearing up for electric vehicles, and order books for some cars will open in a month