Zlto: Money for tiny tasks becomes a small fortune

Zlto is a currency that uses blockchain to support unemployed youth on the Cape Flats

The blurred lines of working from home

Three months into the lockdown, SA workers are feeling the burnout and stress that come with working from home

Lockdown forces a fundamental shift to online

SA’s upward trend in e-commerce is said to be unstoppable now, with growth in online sales expected to jump substantially this year

The power of social media blackouts

Social activism explodes online with the Black Lives Matter movement, with positive and negative outcomes

The story behind those burning towers

What’s not to like? 5G can deliver data rates that are up to 100 times faster than 4G; yet misinformation has become a growing threat

Lockdown level 3: how should business navigate the changes?

As lockdown regulations are eased, more South Africans will return to their workplaces, and will rely on their employers to keep them safe

‘Jobbing’ their way through unemployment apocalypse

The gig economy’s ‘independent contractors’ are left high and dry during the lockdown, but local start-ups show how it can be done

The dire impact of Covid-19 on SA’s small businesses

Electronic transaction volumes paint a picture of a small business sector that is on its knees during lockdown

A tiny trace of Big Brother?

Governments and tech corporations are racing to implement contact tracing — but privacy may be compromised

Signals are encouraging for digital migration

Minister says a number of hurdles have to be cleared before the long-delayed digital migration can happen

Huawei remains SA’s preferred 5G supplier

The government backs the Chinese firm as its principal route to a new global internet standard, in spite of concerns about the company

Full stream ahead for remote fitness lessons

Yoga teachers show they’re supple in mind as much as body in their ability to adapt to online streaming in the Covid-19 age of self-isolation

Machines, our health-care consultants

Artificial intelligence tools can help predict and treat global disease crises such as the Covid-19 pandemic

Cybercrime: The other dangerous C

Cybercrime has already increased in parts of the world in lockdown to contain Covid-19, and SA won’t be any different

Clever tools to help you beat the long days ahead

Tech how-to guide: surviving isolation with roommates, partners and children need not be as stressful as it sounds

Google’s way or the Huawei?

The Mate 30 range of smartphones is, by necessity, entirely Google-free — which some consumers might welcome