Quit blaming us for decline of newspapers, Facebook director says

Facebook executive: publishers should take responsibility for their failing businesses, instead of blaming social media

Are bigger screens better?

Screens have taken over a large chunk of our society: displays are now built into almost every piece of tech. But does bigger mean better?

Biometrics: the end of identity documents?

Biometric data makes it easy to verify a person’s identity, but is it safe to hand fingerprint and other information to third parties?

The reinvention of Lego

Toy companies are having to rethink their strategy to remain relevant in a tech-driven world. It’s no easy game

A new way to test drive cars with virtual reality

Virtual reality will help you test your car, just as the internet made vehicle shopping easier. Customer loyalty will be a key

Why Jumia seems to be getting it right in Africa

Despite difficulties and some naysayers, Nigerian start-up Jumia shows the way by finding an e-commerce niche in Africa

Playing by the rules in an era of internet advertising

Advertising body to sanction companies and their influencers if they fail to declare their relationship upfront in social media posts

Sony marks 40 years of the Walkman, and launches new wireless earbuds

Walkman anniversary allows a look back at the personal-audio history of the company – and the chance to launch new wireless earbuds

Is SA really ready for the fourth industrial revolution?

There is great enthusiasm for the fourth industrial revolution in SA. But are we ready for it? Not everyone thinks so

Huawei sketches its plan: SA users won’t be left in the lurch

Trump’s bluster has raised doubts over the release date of its Mate 30 Pro, but Huawei must be pleased at SA’s enthusiastic support

Now Facebook wants to be your bank

Sceptics point out the hazards of handing over information about our personal finances to a company that profits so much from our data

Leave the gridlock behind by soaring above it with Uber

The German word for ‘over’ can also mean ‘greatest’ or ‘supreme’, the dictionary says. The ride-sharing company, which is planning to get into air taxis and ...

The role of a chief information officer: more than just tech

The chief information officer’s role has become more important, but even a CIO can’t always keep pace with change

How Dyson reinvented the hairdryer

The great British inventor has rejuvenated a host of otherwise humble household objects

Younger employees are now looking for more

Engaging the hearts and minds of employees is becoming more important – and a new index can help

SA’s flourishing gaming scene

The local gaming scene is flourishing, creating career opportunities undreamt of a generation ago