ZEENAT MOORAD: Sony steps up (at last)

The maker of that great 1980s symbol of cool, the Walkman, has declared its restructuring a success, writes Zeenat Moorad

No more high property commissions

Start-ups such as Leadhome will force old-world estate agents to embrace the power of technology if they want to survive

SA's big data rip-off

The #DataMustFall campaign failed to convince SA’s biggest phone companies to reduce prices

Gaming-enabled education: Minecraft for young minds

The ‘game-ification’ of learning may help ensure that today’s children have a job in tomorrow’s digital world

Blockchain: starting a chain reaction

The technology may sound like science fiction — but the application of blockchain could change the way we transact

The sounds of science

Engineers, musicians and other experts come together to tweak, imagine, and hammer their way to achieve the world’s best sound quality

Welcome to the Uber age

Industries such as home repair, cleaning, food delivery and Airbnb have taken a leaf out of the taxi-sharing service’s book

Fintechs a major surprise

Just 20 years ago, CEOs could never have predicted that their greatest competition would come from a tech firm like Google

Chinese smartphones: Looking for good value

Meizu becomes the latest Chinese manufacturer to bring its range of affordable smartphones to the SA market

Useful, weird and wonderful technology

What happens in Vegas, where new trends in technology and industry have just been unveiled, is likely to end up in our homes

Retail: Go shopping with less fuss

It may be a while before Amazon Go comes to SA, but its launch will herald greater disruption in retail, which is good for the SA consumer

Social media: You’re being watched

A local company has produced a bold new tool for marketers who use social media

Tiger Brands: Planning a power surge

Under new CEO Lawrence MacDougall Tiger is taking a long, hard look at itself

Private equity: Fund for firms in trouble

The economic squeeze on businesses is creating an opportunity for investors with risk appetite who want to help

Checkout Counter: Iceland vs Iceland

A weekly round up of the hottest international retail and consumer news