SA braces for battle of the streaming giants

As new players join the online party, consumers of video streaming content are now spoilt for choice in SA

Yebo Fresh: Getting groceries to kasi doorsteps the modern way

The market for deliveries to residents of SA’s townships is taking off — and technology is lowering the barriers to entry

Quick medical care: from screen to surgery

Apps that make health-care practitioners available to patients at the click of a few buttons are increasing in SA

Storm brews over spectrum, structure of local industry

Telkom exerts pressure on authorities to bring existing mobile roaming agreements into the spotlight

Hi-tech but pricey: the latest in preventive health care

The latest in preventive health care: gut testing to help users get early information about their bodies, to inform diet and lifestyle changes

SA needs an e-wallet wake-up

Online payments: Covid-19 could help drive financial inclusion for non-credit card users by pushing more companies to embrace digital

Valenture Institute: Rewriting the education textbook

A new online high school — the creation of an SA entrepreneur who has taken it global — didn’t skip a beat when Covid-19 struck

WeBuyCars: From disappointment to opportunity

After a failed buyout from Naspers, home-grown vehicle trading platform WeBuyCars now has a new investor

Blue-collar frontline workers new target in comms drive

Online workplace communication has increased during the Covid-19 lockdown, but this was aimed mostly at white-collar staff

Why state spying fears are overblown

Worried about being spied on by the state if you use its Covid-19 contact tracing app? You don’t need to be

Can SA embrace ‘cities of the future’ for growth?

Upgrading to smarter towns will bring enormous benefits — not least of which will be reduced traffic congestion

SA ride-hailing business faces legal speed bump

The next frontier of labour relations in SA: the employment status of workers contracted to gig economy firms such as Uber and Bolt

Power moves in the car market

Two new electric vehicles — at opposite ends of the pricing spectrum — add to the growing list of options for the local market

Why Experian handed over 24m people’s data to a crook

The Popi Act finally has real teeth to protect people’s data — but delays mean SA’s two biggest cyberattacks will go unpunished

War for eyeballs hots up in SA’s television industry

Fantastic growth is in the tea leaves of local television broadcasters — but only if they can keep up by investing in digital platforms

Lockdown economics: which SA online stores have made a mint

In just a few months, shoppers have turned to online purchases, proving that Covid-19 is having a dramatic impact on retail