SA’s online gaming is exploding and there’s big money behind it

eSports has a huge global following. Telecom companies see gaming as an important part of their new digital services

Cisco takes video conferencing to a new level

Cisco is using AI and the IoT to take video conferencing to a new, almost Big Brotherish level

What is ASMR and why do some people react to it?

Why are these fully dressed women who mostly whisper encouraging acts of self-care being treated as sex traffickers?

The dark side of technology

We face a new dark age because we are losing control over technology, a new book argues

Behind SA’s online shopping habits

In SA the three categories of purchases most often made on the web are clothing, entertainment and education, and tickets

Are robots the future of therapy?

Lying on your shrink’s couch is so last century. Artificial intelligence means you can unburden your soul to some software

Zero-gravity vacations could soon become a reality

A holiday that’s literally out of this world is close to becoming a reality, and it could have the trappings of luxury

A little more conversation with Samsung’s Bixby

Artificial intelligence now enables devices to hold conversations in which people’s previous preferences are taken into account

Is big data a big deal?

‘Big data’ can change the way that capitalism has worked for decades. But it is progress that comes at a price

MTN vs Vodacom battle is far from over

MTN wants to appeal against a judgment that set aside its objections to a Transnet tender awarded to Vodacom earlier this year

Has technology enabled sound to be used as a weapon?

Has a weapon that harnesses the power of sound caused US consulate officials to fall ill in Cuba and China?

Are five senses enough? This man has extended his reality by becoming a cyborg

You may feel that five senses are enough. But have you thought about becoming a cyborg and extending your reality?

Are physical books making a comeback?

E-book sales may be falling in other markets, but does this mean sales of physical books will increase?

The rise of digital crime prevention tools

Apps give residents greater visibility of their homes and enhance control, but care must be taken to guard against digital snoopers

Can private sector shake up basic education?

Companies such as Vodacom and Snapplify are punting the idea and say they have buy-in from the public sector

Joburg plans to clear the air

A partnership between Johannesburg and IBM will give the city automated, real-time data on air pollution