A mining heavyweight to enter the ring in Limpopo

New electric super-truck to be tested at Mogalakwena, near Mokopane, is a big step in the pursuit of pollution-free mining

Prevention is better than insure

How innovative ‘insurtech’ firms are disrupting the insurance industry — and preventing risk (rather than insuring against it)

Broader internet access? Watch this space

SpaceX’s satellite internet plan will expand access to the internet in far-flung locations, and could be a game-changer for SA

Mobile money: Why MTN has to get it right this time around

With as many mobile money customers in the rest of Africa as it has SA subscribers, MTN is ready for this new wave of transactions

Continuing disaster of the unavailable set-top boxes

Communications minister admits that at this point the government has no fixed timeline for botched digital migration process

World Economic Forum: Let’s just remember who caused these problems

The picturesque town of Davos is the place to talk about income inequality this year, but the incongruity has fooled few

The big ticket items unveiled at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show

A bewildering parade: some of the gadgets unveiled at a global tech event make one question the purpose of such technology

What SA can learn from Kenya’s Silicon Savannah

SA has failed to get the basics right in the technology sector – and it is costing the country in growth and innovation

Google bringing the world a little bit closer

Google has a vision to use artificial intelligence to make it easier to do basic things and deal with physical limitations

The price of convenience – cybercrime

During the festive season business and consumers have to be especially careful to protect themselves against cyberattacks

GPS: the hidden tool rugby coaches rely on

Data can provide a true picture of player performance, making it both critical to training and a closely guarded team secret

Facebook’s scramble for online Africa

The social media giant is promoting its potential as a platform for app developers and tech start-ups

Joburg hack revealed ignorance is weakest spot in all digital systems

The attack on Joburg by the Shadow Kill Hackers group lifted the lid on other vulnerabilities that potentially affect millions of people

Self-service here to stay, ready or not

Self-checkout technology is knocking on SA’s shopping aisle. But will it cause a retail jobs apocalypse?

DNA testing: it can help you rethink your diet

DNA testing offers ways for well-heeled consumers to personalise their wellness regimes

Africa’s first electric vehicle road trip

The reality is that SA is simply not ready to embrace electric vehicles for long journeys