Make way for the smart speaker revolution

How voice systems based on artificial intelligence are replacing screens in our interaction with technology

Neuro-engineers make breakthrough in mind-reading technology

Researchers are working towards an implant 'that translates the wearer's thoughts directly into words' 

Regulators to crack whip on influencer marketing

Regulators start to crack down on the snake oil salesmen and influencers making a killing through lies that go viral on social media

Regulators snub SA cryptocurrency developers

Has SA shot itself in the foot by disqualifying cryptocurrency developers from obtaining an innovation tax incentive?

Unearthing dinosaurs in the digital age

Technological advances have opened new frontiers for fossil analysts, and could help resurrect creatures frozen in Siberian ice

China casts new light on ‘dark’ side of the moon

China’s historic landing may offer many insights into the universe — and could even get the US thinking about re-entering the space race

Navigating the ethical pitfalls of artificial intelligence

A recent Microsoft event showcased the wonder of virtually fitting clothes for size and raised broader questions of data safety

Huawei and Trump: The next frontier

Is the US targeting the Chinese giant out of security concerns or because it fears being trumped in tech innovation?

Dedicated hybrid approach is needed for effective cloud security

SPONSORED | Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security protects applications and data in physical, virtual and cloud workloads

The first step to a borderless Brexit solution

A virtual wall that uses light detection and ranging, mixed with facial recognition, may be the first step to a borderless Brexit solution

Google wages war against biased data

Google is creating more ‘representative’ algorithms to mitigate against outdated gender, racial and other stereotypes

Black Friday: More than just hype

The bargain day that kicked off Christmas shopping and got rid of old stock has become so big that it needs cloud capacity

Why SA has Africa’s highest porn viewership

SA’s ‘sensual’ viewership — the highest in Africa and 19th in the world — is linked to high stress levels, say sex therapists

Why e-commerce is slow to take off in SA

Many e-retailers are profitable, but they should be reinvesting rather than profit-taking for online shopping to really take off

Artificial intelligence: the upside of robotics

Could the spread of AI hold opportunities for countries like SA that are thought to be rich in emotional intelligence?

Huawei’s intelligent design

The largest maker of telecoms equipment has ambitions in the enterprise and cloud spaces, unveiling AI-infused processors