Ready and waiting: plug points for electric cars on the road

SA-based auto companies are slowly gearing up for electric vehicles, and order books for some cars will open in a month

Ukheshe: A wallet that works exactly like WhatsApp

SA’s first WhatsApp payment gateway joins a trend that lets you send money quickly and securely to anyone with a cell number

Telecoms industry on edge over spectrum auction

Crunch time for the sector as MTN, Telkom challenge Icasa

Down Under it’s ‘no’ to news online if Facebook won’t pay

Australia is putting its foot down, in a move meant to ensure that established, trusted news media do not lose their position as sources for unbiased views. ...

The future plays out in the operating theatre

Virtual reality is making the leap from the realm of entertainment and marketing to solving real-world problems

Nothing very flash about Sars’s eFiling tech

With the deadline looming, the tax agency’s alternative to the obsolete Flash Player can only be accessed by Windows users

Spot Money taps into multibank contactless payment trend

Spot Money launches SA’s first open banking marketplace for personalised financial services lifestyle products

A ‘tax’ to save the planet — so smartphone makers say

What is the reason companies are removing charging adaptors from phone boxes? (Spoiler: it’s not only to cut greenhouse gas emissions)

Migrating users send a privacy signal to WhatsApp

How does the messaging app’s new data collection policy stack up against increasingly popular minnows Signal and Telegram?

Working anywhere works with empathy

Keeping employees productive and happy with better technology and empathy is a top priority as companies try to combat burnout

‘Better to buy than compete’ Zuckerberg faces the music

Facebook faces an ‘existential’ threat as US regulators pursue its break-up in the biggest antimonopoly challenge in decades

Console crunch steals Christmas gaming cheer

A handy guide about the powerhouse new gaming consoles, the Xbox and PlayStation, and why they’re in short supply

Why Mario deserves his limelight

The intrepid, evergreen Italian plumber’s 35th anniversary is marked by another clever Nintendo reinvention of its iconic character

SA braces for battle of the streaming giants

As new players join the online party, consumers of video streaming content are now spoilt for choice in SA

Yebo Fresh: Getting groceries to kasi doorsteps the modern way

The market for deliveries to residents of SA’s townships is taking off — and technology is lowering the barriers to entry

Quick medical care: from screen to surgery

Apps that make health-care practitioners available to patients at the click of a few buttons are increasing in SA