Thin end of a desirable wedge for laptops

Their slim profile can make them hard to notice, but laptops are alive, kicking and getting more and more powerful

Will the cellphone really kill the camera store?

Cellphone cameras can now take amazing photos, but if you want to create an image rather than capture it, there’s still the traditional camera

Why copyright laws are under fire

New EU laws ‘to protect content creators’ have united consumer activists and tech firms in an unlikely alliance against the contentious changes

Full-service connectivity comes to Cape Epic

How Dimension Data has partnered with the Cape Epic to provide full-service connectivity over the entire area of the race

New holographic headset impresses

A new holographic headset and an image sensor are evolving what we understand computers to be in the cloud computing era

Experience Cape Town in virtual reality

Cape Town is using headsets that enable visitors to experience Table Mountain and other wonders in virtual reality mode

How Huawei won the PR war at Barcelona congress

The advent of new 5G technology dominated MWC Barcelona, while SA’s Rain announced the continent’s first 5G network

A church dedicated to worshiping artificial intelligence?

Some believe artificial intelligence will soon be smarter than humans, and this has even been made the basis of a new religion

Regulation stifles lift-off of drones in SA

Drone entrepreneurs complain that regulation procedures in SA take far too long and are needlessly prohibitive

Make way for the smart speaker revolution

How voice systems based on artificial intelligence are replacing screens in our interaction with technology

Neuro-engineers make breakthrough in mind-reading technology

Researchers are working towards an implant 'that translates the wearer's thoughts directly into words' 

Regulators to crack whip on influencer marketing

Regulators start to crack down on the snake oil salesmen and influencers making a killing through lies that go viral on social media

Regulators snub SA cryptocurrency developers

Has SA shot itself in the foot by disqualifying cryptocurrency developers from obtaining an innovation tax incentive?

Unearthing dinosaurs in the digital age

Technological advances have opened new frontiers for fossil analysts, and could help resurrect creatures frozen in Siberian ice

China casts new light on ‘dark’ side of the moon

China’s historic landing may offer many insights into the universe — and could even get the US thinking about re-entering the space race

Navigating the ethical pitfalls of artificial intelligence

A recent Microsoft event showcased the wonder of virtually fitting clothes for size and raised broader questions of data safety