Are physical books making a comeback?

E-book sales may be falling in other markets, but does this mean sales of physical books will increase?

The rise of digital crime prevention tools

Apps give residents greater visibility of their homes and enhance control, but care must be taken to guard against digital snoopers

Can private sector shake up basic education?

Companies such as Vodacom and Snapplify are punting the idea and say they have buy-in from the public sector

Joburg plans to clear the air

A partnership between Johannesburg and IBM will give the city automated, real-time data on air pollution

E-hailing apps on the road to acceptance in SA

SA offers a friendly operating environment and plans regulation for services such as Uber and Taxify, but security concerns remain

Khwela App: safe solution to taxi woes

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Online budget tool: less taxing on your brain

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Artificial intelligence: Machines that pack a punch

Industries could be transformed by technology that uses data to accomplish complex tasks

Spectrum: Blocked by indecision

Nigeria will auction spectrum to encourage competition in telecoms, while dithering in

Balwin finds annuity income from fibre

Property company enters the network infrastructure market, giving it a great source of annuity income from its estates

New in SA: park a car with a smartphone app

What else can consumers expect to see inside new vehicles?

The remarkable growth of food delivery apps

A growing number of apps offer a simple ordering interface, but reduce your ability to deviate from the menu

So where is SA on the open data journey?

South Africans should have easy access to state information, and the data needs to be scrutinised to promote accountability

How Google is mapping SA

Google Maps saves SA consumers time and money: new report says it has given users benefits worth R50bn

How does Google Maps work?

Google has the most widely used mapping service for a reason

What you need to know about SA’s biggest data breach: be very annoyed

Have your personal details been compromised in what has been called SA’s biggest ever data leak?