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The fall of a Stellenbosch don: inside Steinhoff’s house of cards.

The Steinhoff group will be broken up, and the very rich investors will buy the subsidiaries for peanuts through multiple corporations. If you trace the companies who will be buying these subsidiaries, you will find the same majority shareholders as Steinhoff, repurchasing it at a significantly lower price. All the billions lost by fund managers and the Public Investment Corp are down the tubes and these shareholders will get to keep their companies. Clinton van Heerden

Why is this only about Markus Jooste and not about the chairman and the board? Is he the fall guy? Craig Hutton

Jooste was not the only bad guy in this story. They all knew. Werner Greef

Jooste has messed up Stellenbosch for good. All the big-wigs there are running for the hills — there is too much attention. Barry Judd