The Financial Mail said:
As the housing market comes under renewed pressure along with the rest of the economy, home buyers need to become far more discerning in their suburb selection.

That is all very well if you have millions to invest, but the average Joe buys where he can afford to. We all know the property you live in is not necessarily an investment because you always need to replace it with something -Kim Shoobert Hogben

The Financial Mail asked: Is the Democratic Republic of Congo in danger of slipping back into civil war?

The revolution in Africa means "dictator" - Lindsay Fredericks

The Financial Mail said: Johann Rupert offers some frank views on corporate governance, share repurchases and capital raising.

His views seem to be losing him billions in the European market. So thanks, but no thanks -Lesego Thulare

The Financial Mail said: PetroSA’s bumbling executives get bonuses while the firm slashes jobs to save costs.

There should be an international treaty accepted into law whereby no organisation is entitled to pay out bonuses to executives if jobs have been slashed in the past five years. That’s a bad management decision,
isn’t it? - Gary Bartholomew

I have a problem when some people attribute this to BEE and AA — it shows how little knowledge they have. Incompetence is incompetence, whether one is white or black - Thabiso Papaki Hoaeane

The Financial Mail said: Mercifully, everywhere you look nowadays, people of conscience seem to be popping up within the ANC.

Very little, very late. One does not become ethical after a time. You are ethical or you are not. If you allow your party members to behave unethically, you are unethical. Speaking up later does not repair your name - Meyndert Borrie Bornman

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