BACKSTORY: Bravo Group’s Greg Boulle

We question Greg Boulle, CEO of Bravo Group (Sealy, Gommagomma, Grafton Everest)

BACKSTORY: Morningstar’s Victoria Reuvers

We question Victoria Reuvers, director and senior investment consultant at Morningstar

BACKSTORY: ETM Macro Advisors’ Russell Lamberti

We question Russell Lamberti, founder and strategist of ETM Macro Advisors

BACKSTORY: Steyn City Properties’ Giuseppe Plumari

We question Giuseppe Plumari, CEO of Steyn City Properties

BACKSTORY: Sasfin’s Michael Sassoon

We question Michael Sassoon, CEO of Sasfin Wealth and executive director of Sasfin Holdings

BACKSTORY: PSG wealth manager Ann Mackeurtan

We question Ann Mackeurtan, PSG wealth manager: securities (and first female stockbroker on the JSE)

BACKSTORY: GAIA’s Prudence Lebina

We question Prudence Lebina. CEO of GAIA Infrastructure Capital

BACKSTORY: Werksmans Attorneys' David Hertz

We question David Hertz, chairman of Werksmans Attorneys

BACKSTORY: Hello Group’s Shaazim Khamissa

We question Shaazim Khamissa, co-founder and chief technology officer of Hello Group

BACKSTORY: Hewlett-Packard's David Rozzio

We question David Rozzio, MD of Hewlett-Packard SA & Africa

BACKSTORY: Investment Solutions' Lesiba Mothata

We question Lesiba Mothata, chief economist at Investment Solutions

BACKSTORY: Alexander Forbes' Andrew Darfoor

We question Andrew Darfoor, group CEO Alexander Forbes. What’s the most interesting thing about you that people don’t know? I have an identical twin — he’s a ...