BACKSTORY: Craig Newborn of PayJustNow

The FM chats to Craig Newborn, CEO of PayJustNow

BACKSTORY: Monde Twala of Paramount Africa

The FM speaks to Monde Twala, senior vice-president and GM of Paramount Africa and lead of BET International

BACKSTORY: Matone Ditlhake of Corridor Africa

The FM chats to Matone Ditlhake, CEO of Corridor Africa

BACKSTORY: Tsholofelo Nketane of Tuesday Consulting

The FM speaks to Tsholofelo Nketane, director and shareholder of Tuesday Consulting

BACKSTORY: Nicole Swart of Merchant Capital

The FM chats to Nicole Swart, MD of Merchant Capital

BACKSTORY: Zibu Nqala of FNB Points of Presence

The FM chats to Zibu Nqala, CEO of FNB Points of Presence

BACKSTORY: John Harris of Infinitus Reporting Solutions

The FM chats to John Harris, executive director of business solutions & finance at Infinitus Reporting Solutions

BACKSTORY: Shaun Fuchs of Centennial Schools

The FM chats to Shaun Fuchs, CEO and founder of Centennial Schools

BACKSTORY: Jan Widerström of Saab

The FM chats to Jan Widerström, president and MD at Saab

BACKSTORY: Amman Muhammad of FNB Islamic Banking

The FM chats to Amman Muhammad, CEO of FNB Islamic Banking

BACKSTORY: Cheryl Reddy of Eclipse Communications

The FM chats to Cheryl Reddy, CEO of Eclipse Communications

BACKSTORY: Renier Kriek of Sentinel Homes

The FM chats to Renier Kriek, MD of Sentinel Homes

BACKSTORY: Andiswa Bata of FNB Commercial

The FM chats to Andiswa Bata, head of SME at FNB Commercial