Irrespective of whether you’re a fan of thrillers, or of fiction in general, it would serve you well to be in the loop about the upcoming release of this book.

In fact, if you’ve never picked up one of novelist James Patterson’s many, many books (they are the most borrowed titles in British libraries) now may be the moment to start. Or, at least, to do a spot of Wikipedia reading so you can wing it when this topic comes up at your next dinner party — as it will.

The reason? Well, for this trick, Patterson has collaborated with one Bill Clinton.

That’s correct — the rock star author and the 42nd president of the US, a reader of thrillers, have got together and come up with a heart-racer of a story.

The President is Missing is set for release early this month and seems a dead cert for success. There isn’t much info out about the plot, but it hinges on planned attacks on the US and a sitting president of the country who vanishes.

Of course, the really enthralling thing about the book is the insider knowledge that Clinton brings to it.