Babylonstoren. Unless you happen to be Naspers chairman Koos Bekker and his eternally stylish wife Karen Roos, you don’t get to call this wine farm home. But, like other mere mortals, you may have visited, had lunch, stayed at the hotel and, most importantly, walked around the estate’s vast and magical garden.

If you haven’t made the trip to the Cape winelands to see this garden, it’s time you do a bit of introspection about the wrong turns you have taken in life. It is easily one of the most beautiful gardens in the world and an SA national treasure. If you have lost a few hours to corners of cacti, the sun-dappled clivia walk and plantings of every fruit and vegetable you can imagine — and those you can’t — then you will know what we’re on about.

For the days when you can’t take a quick saunter around paradise, there’s Franchesca Watson and Heidi Bertish’s new coffee-table book, aptly titled The Garden of Babylonstoren. Watson is an acclaimed horticulturist and writer; Bertish a well-known photographer and designer. Their homage to this botanical jewel is lovely. Have a flick through it and be reminded of what money and taste (not always synonymous, as we know) can buy.

The Garden of Babylonstoren, by Franchesca Watson and Heidi Bertish (Struik)