Logitech MX Sound

Cool factor 3/5
Usability 4/5
Value for money 4/5

Not all laptops are built for and capable of quality sound — it’s an area of performance that is often neglected. This is a matter of physics. In your average laptop there isn’t much depth for moving the amount of air necessary to create full sound.

There are exceptions, of course, but for everyone else, there’s add-on speakers. Some of the niftiest add-ons we’ve seen recently are the MX Sound speakers from Logitech. Logitech has a whole category of sound products, and this pair (at just under R2,000) are a simple, affordable way to boost your sound for a better music-and-movies experience.

Size matters in speakers, so you can’t easily compare a bulky, audio-specialist set-up with smaller sets, but "all caveats observed", this speaker duo offers considerably more depth and that stereo sound.

The MX Sound pair has two 3.5mm input jacks, a single headphone jack, and 24W (peak) — 12W "standard", or what is called root mean square, or RMS — drivers. It offers Bluetooth connectivity and has a good line-of-sight reception range of 25m (from Bluetooth source). By offering both wired and wireless input options, the MX Sound will happily play audio from your laptop, computer, smartphone, tablet or directly from a music player. I found the Bluetooth pairing simple and fast.

Looks-wise, these are circular, fabric-fronted black speakers, simple and unobtrusive in design. When in position on a table or desktop, they have a slight backwards-leaning angle to the face of the speaker, which makes for a good listening angle. Finally, I like the motion-activated backlit controls on the main speaker which disappear when there is no activating motion.