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Smartphone. Picture: ISTOCK

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With the dominance of social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, video content is booming.

This isn’t new information — it’s been a trend marketers have been talking about for a while, but the numbers continue to grow.

Facebook’s usage statistics show that the dwell rate — how long a user lingers on content — for video is five times that of text posts. And though that seems obvious (watching a video takes time, compared to scanning some text), for brands trying to reach customers, that’s a significant difference.

Traditionally, video content has been expensive and time-consuming to produce, but as our smartphone cameras get smarter and better, both metrics are coming down. And our expectations of social video are different from big-impact video advertising (think Super Bowl ads), meaning even one-person start-ups can get in on the trend.

An app called Jumprope (iOS, free) hopes to make social video production and sharing even simpler, with "how to" videos being its main thing (targeting the lone entrepreneur and "influencer" types).

The app will take you through the process of shooting, editing, and sharing videos step by step, with no prior experience needed. Features include video templates, trimming, cropping, adding filters, music and text, and even altering speed.

You can also browse the app as a viewer to access a range of topic-themed videos (such as fashion, crafts and DIY, photography and food).

From an entrepreneur’s perspective, there are two major benefits. Once you’ve created a video, the app can automatically rejig it for whatever platform you need (generating export formats in the right orientation and size for each platform).

And then Jumprope lets you make the products featured in your videos "shoppable" from the video.