Huawei Matebook X Pro
Cool factor 5/5
Usability 5/5
Value for money 5/5

Choosing an ultraportable laptop is a no-brainer for executives, especially those who travel.

For a long time portability was a market dominated by Apple’s category-defining MacBook Airs. But a concerted push — and trademark — by Intel for ultraportable machines which run Windows broadened the list of options.

Now, the latest, and sexiest, unit on the market is the Huawei Matebook X Pro 2019. This year’s model is a powerhouse in a slinky frame that has a full 10-finger touchscreen. It has the same all-metal unibody as the first model that emerged last year and has a sandblasted finish that has a pleasing feel. The near-borderless 13.9in LCD display has a minimal bezel and cleverly hides the recessed webcam. As slick as it is, the real power is inside, where it has an upgraded eighth-generation Intel Core i7 processor that will run up to 16GB of RAM. The top-end laptop has an Nvidia GeForce MX250 graphics card, which means you could do decent design work, or — don’t tell the boss — play any of the recent graphics-crunching games with ease.

But the real virtue of the Matebook X Pro (from R24,000, is that it weighs a delightful 1.33kg. An ultraportable device can’t get away without being light and portable. But it also shouldn’t compromise on power and performance, and the X Pro is an ideal combination of all of these.

Like other new devices, it has the new USB-C format, as well as the Thunderbolt 3 version of it (so named thanks to Apple’s early adoption of these ports) which can handle power, data transfer and a video signal for a monitor. But it also, thankfully, has the now older square USB for all those (now redundant) USB sticks we all have, as well as all the other accessories we’ve collected over the years.