Because if they do, they also have to go after Jacob Zuma’s big friends, the Guptas. Leon van der Schyff

Eskom tariff hikes are “indefensible and unaffordable, at almost six times inflation”.to sell off generation units to the private sector. Doing so would break up a monopoly that is proving exceedingly costly to the SA economy and generate cash to pay down debts. Mani None

Any financial restructuring of Eskom will need Saxonwold’s prior authorisation, as it may lead to a drop in lucrative contract allocations to “friends and family”. Les Thorpe

Eskom is destroying SA’s economy through rampant corruption. Francoise Phillips

If these thieves were to cut their fruitless and wasteful expenditure to zero, they wouldn’t need an increase. Alan Collier

They don’t make military coups like they used to. If Zimbabwe is fixed, will SA’s hospitality industry survive? All the waiters in Johannesburg, Cape Town or anywhere else in SA are from that country.

It’s a smart coup, is what it is. Southern African countries and others with “interests” will be more at ease with the next government and life will continue while Zimbabwe fixes its problems without outside influence. Monde Loni

Robert Mugabe is an old man, let him be. Harsh action against him may just backfire. Marthie Connolly

Salute Colonel Brian Molefe, a man of many memes, who returns to the frontline.

I think Molefe is out of options. No-one of any repute will employ him, so he has no choice but to make a fool of himself. Stephen O’Hagan

Molefe must have something really big on Zuma to keep being moved like this, taking jobs with big pay in return for keeping his mouth shut. Lesley Hoffman

It’s been the sort of week for Sygnia’s unflinching CEO Magda Wierzycka that will hopefully embolden other SA business leaders to take a stand on issues of principle.

Don’t hold your breath. What’s happened to the CEO Initiative and CEO Pledge? All hat and no cattle.

CEOs will sleep on the street for one night [at the CEO Sleepout] because it’s safe and gives them lots of publicity, but don’t ask them to put their necks on the line. Where’s the leadership? Go, Magda, go! James Drew

Thank you for being the voice of reason, Magda. Now why are other business leaders so quiet? Pierre Jordaan

She is a fantastic example of a capable and principled leader and manager. I hope she has good security measures in place, as I don’t think the type of people she is making a stand against will just walk away. Chris Myers

Finally, a CEO who is prepared to stand up to the embedded corruption in government instead of quietly benefiting from clandestine “arrangements” and turning a blind eye. Mark M Wade

Can Mugabe’s hatchet man, Emmerson Mnangagwa, save Zimbabwe?

I personally believe Mnangagwa will make Zimbabwe a better place for all who live in it. He is open to international investors. Zimbabwe is rich in farming, and there are some funds already lined up to kick-start the economy [and send it] to the top. It’s just a matter of time. Elijah Tau Maps

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