JUSTICE MALALA: The secret is out

I have been a bit dishonest: there were places I went to with my children that my lovely wife and I did not want the FM readers to know about

JUSTICE MALALA: The hypocrisy of Emmerson Mnangagwa

We like a strong man in power down here in the Southern African region, don’t we? It’s enough to make one seek comfort in an oasis of calm

JUSTICE MALALA: The EFF has run out of ideas

If there is anything that shows that our opposition has run out of ideas, it’s the poor EFF. Superb seafood is the ideal antidote for this sad realisation

JUSTICE MALALA: Antidote for bitter irony

While our politicians fritter away public funds on fried chicken, some South Africans swear by the supposedly finer tastes of foreign fare

JUSTICE MALALA: Even faux Black Consciousness activists like money

I bet you in a few months’ time we’ll hear how money was wired from Dubai to a little-known organisation here in SA

JUSTICE MALALA: In search of consistency amid the flip-floppers

Sometimes you need to put a bit of distance between yourself and SA’s fickle politics — take a trip to New York, even …

JUSTICE MALALA: Can SA recover from its ‘comedian’ rulers?

Yes, the man who faces a number of corruption investigations is now the head of the ANC’s political school

JUSTICE MALALA: A right royal disgrace

The Venda king has been accused of living large at the expense of private investors. But you don’t need such excess to feel like royalty

JUSTICE MALALA: When future leaders scare off investors

Maybe, as usual, Malema is making it all up as he goes along and he’ll apologise soon, as he did for saying he’d kill for Zuma

JUSTICE MALALA: Zuma’s motley crew sold us down the river

A trip to a dying town on the banks of the Vaal serves as a depressing reminder of the legacy left by the Zuma administration

JUSTICE MALALA: The sad state of our opposition parties

SA’s opposition politics is enough to drive one to drink. Luckily, there’s a fine establishment in Pretoria that will allow you to indulge

JUSTICE MALALA: Definition of African renaissance

Naysayers are a dime a dozen, in politics and in life, but such an amazing restaurant with such stunning food is as rare as a patient South African

JUSTICE MALALA: That spot of bother on 4th

Just when you thought service delivery issues couldn’t get any worse, a new slow food eatery — very slow — opens in Joburg

JUSTICE MALALA: Good luck boys and girls

When you’re young you can afford to bravely hand the crown jewels to political players to manage for you

JUSTICE MALALA: Recollections of a gourmet

It gets difficult to review restaurants when everyone cooks at home these days, but a glorious chiffon cake saves the day

JUSTICE MALALA: Uncowed by corruption

The doings of Jacob Zuma and Supra Mahumapelo seem to be so never-ending that we almost have to admire their stamina