Each month, Saverio Cardillo, whisky savant and owner of Joburg’s Bottega Whiskey Club, will give us his tip on the top tipple to get your hands on.

February’s pick: Highland Park 10-year-old Viking Scars.

Why? It’s just bloody nice. And it seems as if it was custom-made for a summer’s day. It’s also a brilliant introduction to the brand if you’ve never tried it before.

The deal: Highland Park is one of two whisky distilleries on the Scottish island of Orkney. Thanks to the wind that blows there, the vegetation is unique (think lots of heather and little flowers). This means that the peat used to make Highland Park is different — and gives it a unique taste.

As the name suggests, this particular batch matures for 10 years, but it’s still light and citrusy with a little end taste of smoke. Drink it as you fancy.

For more info and to buy Sav’s pick, visit bottegawhiskey.com

• But wait, there’s more: The Financial Mail is giving away a bottle of this gem to the writer of our best reader’s letter for February. The winner will be notified by us and have the whisky delivered to his or her door. It’s as easy as that.

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