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How McKinsey and Trillian milked billions from SA Inc.

Would it not be a good idea to set up special investigative and prosecution units, courts and prisons to deal with all these corrupt criminals? Sandie Vahl

The names Eric Wood, Mark Pamensky and Salim Essa should have set alarm bells ringing, as they are all apparently well-known villains ... but it seems no-one cared. Karin Jamotte

What makes me extremely angry is that legitimate consulting companies spend many, many hours on requests for proposals while people like these rip off the system. Reputation? I will never, ever work with or trust any of these names again, nor will I have anything to do with them! May they all get what they deserve. Antonie Van Rensburg

In typical SA style, no-one will go to jail or pay back a dime. Yet the masses will continue to elect the ANC into power. Democracy cannot possibly work when too many of the uninformed are lied to by corrupt countrymen posing as their saviours. Ron and Bryony Downs

Sygnia drags its critics to court, with Magda Wierzycka riling up brokers and financial advisers who claim she is trying to win over their customers.

Magda is really fighting corruption. I wish other CEOs would take a leaf out of her book and curb this corruption. For government to be corrupt, you need willing companies to create an enabling environment for corruption. Mbudzeni Mapwali Mphaphuli

You go, Magda! I invest not only in monetary terms, but also in values such as honesty and integrity. These are the foundations upon which your return will be built. Cover your back, because there are some unscrupulous people out there who don’t subscribe to your beliefs and values, and who would love to take you down. John Herselman

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