Lily’s restaurant. Picture: SUPPLIED
Lily’s restaurant. Picture: SUPPLIED

As summer approaches, here’s a little gem we suggest especially for those visiting Cape Town.

Lily’s is exactly the kind of place to hang out in good weather. It’s right on the Mouille Point beach strip and offers delicious food, great décor and even better service — not always a certain combo in picturesque spots.

Lily’s does all kinds of seasonal options, such as a dish consisting of spiced buttermilk, fried chicken breast, coleslaw, aioli and fries, or a serving of trout with spicy lemon couscous, shallots, coriander, sultanas and confit tomato.

And because these days many people have some special dietary requirement or food allergy — besides those who want Banting or flexitarian (semi-vegetarian) dishes — it has good-tasting options to suit all pernickety proclivities.

One such vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free (phew!) option is spicy tofu lettuce cups served with hot sauce, toasted peanuts and pickled cucumber.

After you’ve had a lovely, lazy lunch and are, perhaps, basking in your healthy food choice (or not), you can take a slow stroll along the promenade while Capetonians in their activewear dash by. Or you can make for the Green Point Park just a block behind the restaurant. This green lung is open to the public and has beautiful indigenous plants, little paths to explore and benches where you can sit, chat and digest.