If you’re looking for an alternative to Cape Town’s many, many cortado and flat-white spots, may we suggest Ka Pa Tée?

This little tea shop is tucked down the bottom of Church Street in the city centre. It offers a relaxed space to sit and enjoy a pot of tea made from its extensive selection of loose leaves, work on your laptop or buy packets of its leaf blends to go.

Owners Bruno Rabaca and Diana Lerato George know their stuff. It’s a treat to pop in and chat to them about, say, the difference between black teas and herbal infusions (they’re actually called tisanes) or the benefits of home-grown buchu.

They make their cups and pots of tea in crazy, futuristic "steampunk" tea-brewing machines, imported specially from New York. These contraptions are fascinating to watch in and of themselves.

You can also grab a slice of cake or something snack-like. And they stock a range of tea paraphernalia (pots, cups, strainers and so on). If you live elsewhere, don’t feel out of the Lapsang Souchong loop — the team will gladly ship your favourite blends to you.