INT. SAXONWOLD SHEBEEN (Somewhere in Saxonwold, Joburg).

BRIAN MOLEFE and RONALD REAGAN are seated at the bar, having a drink. The lighting is dim, the atmosphere convivial.

REAGAN: You look down, man. What’s up?

MOLEFE: Having a bit of trouble remembering things, Ron. Struggled to even find this place this evening.

REAGAN: That’s too bad. Getting old is a bummer. Do you know once I got in trouble for thanking the brave people of Bolivia for hosting me when an aide whispers sharply in my ear and hisses: "Brazil! We’re in Brazil, not Bolivia!"

MOLEFE: Terrible! What did you do?

REAGAN: I chuckled and said: "Sorry, they both begin with a ‘B’ and anyway Bolivia’s where we’re going next." Não faz mal.


REAGAN: That’s Portuguese. It means "It doesn’t matter".

They nurse their drinks in amiable silence.

REAGAN: You know, maybe I can help with your memory problems, like how many times you’ve been to this establishment, or how not to forget that lovely light brown backpack when you leave.


REAGAN: See, I’ve been doing a memory course and I can tell you, it’s amazing. In 1990, when I had to give testimony at Rear-Admiral John Poindexter’s trial in the Iran-Contra scandal thingamajig, apparently I said "I don’t remember" or similar words 124 times. Imagine that! But now that I’m doing this memory course, all that stuff is coming back to me. Like, I actually remember saying "I don’t recall" 124 times.

MOLEFE: So, do you think that memory course will help me? I’m getting grilled by the media.

REAGAN: What memory course, Brian?

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