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Picture: 123RF/RAWPIXEL

This month, the Financial Mail is hosting two Private Lounge events with Sanlam Private Wealth – and you're invited.

Full details for both events follow below.

FM Private Lounge: The fintech disruption

From the explosion of blockchain technology to robo-advisers and algorithmic trading, fintech continues to disrupt the financial services industry at lightning speed.

Private investors now have access to portfolio management tools previously only available to professional fund managers. As robo-advisers start providing automated advice based on mathematical rules and algorithms, how much of a role is left for the traditional financial adviser?

Join the Financial Mail and Sanlam Private Wealth with Brett St Clair, CEO of Siatik Google Cloud, for a fascinating discussion on the impact of fintech and how it can be embraced.

  • Date: June 26 2018
  • Time: 6pm for 6.30pm
  • Venue: Parktown, Johannesburg

To book your seat or for more information, contact Philantu Nkanunu on nkanunup@tisoblackstar.co.za before 5pm on Friday June 22.

FM Private Lounge: Roles and responsibilities of independent trustees

Following the directive given by the Chief Master in March 2017, recent court cases and the Parker case, this session will cover the latest developments in case law and the rationale behind these; future possibilities; duties and responsibilities; and who qualifies as an independent trustee in South African trusts.
Join Adv Andre Gautschi, an acting judge in court cases that dealt with some of these aspects, to review the real and intended role of an independent trustee when it comes to trusts within the context of South African law.

  • Date: June 27 2018
  • Time: 7am
  • Venue: Parktown, Johannesburg

To book your seat or for more information, contact Phila Nkanunu on nkanunup@tisoblackstar.co.za before 5pm on Monday June 25.