Henley Business School. Picture: Henley Business School
Henley Business School. Picture: Henley Business School

Henley Business School Africa has launched Henley Africa Insight & Research, a research centre led by the school’s former MBA director, Adri Drotskie.

She says: “Henley Africa’s research contributions used to be presented under the banner of Henley UK and we’ve always depended on research and faculty from the UK. But with the exponential growth of Henley Africa over the past few years, we felt it was time to build our own repository of research and grow our research faculty.”

The centre will have two key focus areas. The first will be project-based research in partnership with Henley UK. “We’ve developed a business model where we identify relevant issues or challenges in SA and use our joint expertise to dive into them,” says Drotskie.

The centre is focusing on six research projects: land reform and agriculture; the practice of taking on additional jobs to supplement income, also known as “side hustle”; communication frameworks and systems in government; coaching; the fourth industrial revolution; and the Apolitical Academy, an NGO to train and mentor young people entering public service. The co-founder is former DA parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko.

The second focus will be on themes relevant in the SA context. These include corporate activism, work-life balance, the future world of work, Africa and consumerism.