The article "Myths about SA’s economy" by Claire Bisseker (Cover Story, September 21-27) offered optimism but with many provisos. The obstacles facing this country are immense but, as Bisseker pointed out, they are not intractable. However, poor political will to "right that which is wrong" allows matters to worsen, with unemployment and inequality remaining a bone of contention.

The much heralded National Development Plan drafted by specialists has remained in President Jacob Zuma’s inbox because he has no grasp of the complex matters bedevilling the economy. Tough measures are needed to redirect SA’s growth path and employing qualified people to fill cabinet posts would be a step forward.

But the rot set in from the very beginning of our democracy, when it was apparent that the ANC was not equipped to govern. Also trade unions were allowed unbridled influence and their strident demands for higher wages were not matched by increased productivity, with strike action, often violent, disrupting manufacturing capacity.

The corruption that has been allowed to savage our economy has resulted in failed service delivery. The introduction of BEE and continually moving its goal posts confuses the business community and has, in turn, affected foreign investment.

An absolute necessity is for an improvement in our education system; increasing the level of competence among teachers and inculcating in them a creed that will help deliver sound minds.

The Zuma years have been disastrous. He has been an impediment to growth. Simply put, he is out of his depth. The forthcoming elective conference is the country’s last chance to introduce a leader with the credentials to repair the damage. A herculean task awaits whoever is chosen.

Ted O’Connor Albertskroon

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