Why is there an ongoing emigration from here of people born and bred in SA to foreign countries whose history and lifestyle are far removed from theirs?

Our communities reveal a rich mix of colour, creed, culture and language. On the streets and in workplaces, homes and sports fields, this beautiful and intricate mosaic is reflected in the lives of ordinary, law-abiding folk who seek a happy and safe environment.

What they don’t seek are President Jacob Zuma and his cronies, or crime.

SA has arguably some of the best climatic conditions in the world, free from the cyclones and tornados that are experienced by so many places abroad. A perfect place in which to live. Except for Zuma, his cronies and crime.

Here, people of many religions coexist peacefully. And unlike in other countries, we don’t kill, maim or rape in the name of religion. Almost paradise in the making. Except for Zuma, his cronies and crime.

So how do we stop mass departures? Simple. Get rid of Zuma, his cronies and crime in 2019. Don’t allow this man to force us to leave. He must go.

Cliff BuchlerGeorge

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