Charlize Theron. Picture: THE TIMES
Charlize Theron. Picture: THE TIMES

At the recent Aids conference in Durban, Charlize Theron stated — to raucous applause — that the reason SA hadn’t yet succeeded in defeating the Aids epidemic was a never-ending cycle of poverty and the disease of racism which infects all SA’s white minds. (Theron evidently never met Alan Paton, Bram Fischer or Joe Slovo, or indeed any black racists.) SA does exhibit an apparently never-ending cycle of poverty and that will especially be the case this year, when our population growth is going to far exceed our economic growth of 0.1%.

Small businesses are hindered from growing and employing more people by the ANC and Cosatu’s unrealistic, inflexible labour laws. Despite this being glaringly apparent, the ANC has mistakenly insisted on tightening these labour laws.

Regarding Theron’s second point, she evidently believes that despite SA’s whites being politically disempowered for the past two decades, they are now exclusively to be held accountable for SA’s population explosion and the hand-in-glove Aids epidemic. How on earth are whites one of the primary causes of the country’s Aids epidemic?

With regard to her attack on her fellow white countrymen and women, I would like to put it to Theron that in this instance she is being disingenuous and patently racist. At the end of the day, all people need to take responsibility for their own actions and inactions.

Phillip Ronbeck,

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