ANALYSE THIS: Stanlib’s Keillen Ndlovu

We analyse Keillen Ndlovu, head of listed property at Stanlib

ANALYSE THIS: Lentus’s Nic Norman-Smith

We analyse Nic Norman-Smith, chief investment officer at Lentus Asset Management

ANALYSE THIS: Electus’s Damon Buss

We analyse Damon Buss, equity analyst at Electus Fund Managers

ANALYSE THIS: Sasfin Asset Managers’ Errol Shear

We analyse Errol Shear, fund manager at Sasfin Asset Managers

ANALYSE THIS: Imara’s Hugan Chetty

We analyse Hugan Chetty, portfolio manager/investment analyst at Imara Asset Management

ANALYSE THIS: Denker Capital’s Dylan Martin

We analyse Dylan Martin, equity analyst at Denker Capital

ANALYSE THIS: Old Mututal’s Meryl Pick

We analyse Meryl Pick, retail analyst at Old Mutual Investors’ Fund

ANALYSE THIS: Stanlib's Ahmed Motara

We analyse Ahmed Motara, analyst/portfolio manager, Stanlib

ANALYSE THIS: Futuregrowth’s Rhandzo Mukansi

We analyse Rhandzo Mukansi, interest rate market analyst at Futuregrowth

ANALYSE THIS: Momentum’s Steven Schultz

We analyse Steven Schultz, head of investment marketing at Momentum

ANALYSE THIS: Madalet Sessions of Denker Capital

We analyse Madalet Sessions, multi-asset portfolio manager at Denker Capital

ANALYSE THIS: Absa Wealth & Investment Management's Godfrey Mwanza

We analyse Godfrey Mwanza, head of pan-Africa listed equities at Absa Wealth & Investment Management.

ANALYSE THIS: PSG Asset Management’s Ian Scott

We analyse Ian Scott, head of fixed income and fund manager at PSG Asset Management

ANALYSE THIS: Momentum Investments’ Sonja Saunderson

We analyse Sonja Saunderson, chief investment officer at Momentum Investments