There are some great new art exhibitions on around the country. The FM has chosen three eclectic examples we think you should make an effort to catch.

Yinka Shonibare MBE: Ruins Decorated, Goodman Gallery, Joburg

With his use of everything from fabric to film, London-born and Lagos-raised Shonibare will, with his new show, make you think about narratives of power and reinvention in relation to the rise and fall of Western empires and Africa’s struggles for independence.

The African Library is an installation worth taking particular note of. It reflects on the contributions of people such as Kwame Nkrumah and Nelson Mandela to African independence struggles after World War 2.

For this piece, 5,000 books were covered in "African" textiles. They bear the names of post-independence African presidents and famous Africans in literature, science, music, art, engineering and theatre, as well as pro-African Europeans. It’s the first time that this version of The African Library will be shown.

The show runs from the September 1 to October 6.

Wayne Barker: Drum, Everard Read/Circa, Cape Town

The eccentric Barker has worked with oversized silk screens of classic Drum magazine covers to create his latest body of work. He speaks of these raucous pieces as referencing, among other things, the past, his very colourful life, Joburg, creativity and society.

The show runs until September 15.

Michael Taylor: Boy. Boat. Bat. WhatIfTheWorld, Cape Town

This Cape Town-based artist’s latest show typifies his exuberant, joyful and smart style. In a nutshell, these paintings are about humour, fictional desire and sexuality — and we want them all.

The show runs until October 13.