Rob Rose Editor: Financial Mail

Michael Phelps, the American swimmer who boasts 28 Olympic medals and holds just about every record worth having, supposedly said: "I won’t predict anything historic, but nothing is impossible."

It could have been the soundtrack for 2016.

Inconceivably, the most powerful nation on earth has elected an egomaniacal reality TV star, vowing all sorts of warped populist notions, as its leader; Britain voted to leave the EU; and here at home, it emerged that the country’s locus of power is really Saxonwold rather than the Union Buildings.

In this edition, we’ve cobbled together perhaps the best collection of writers in a single volume to give you an almost unfair advantage when it comes to predicting which track the roller coaster has in store for 2017.

So, former Sunday Times editor Ray Hartley bets on the reinstatement of corruption charges against Jacob Zuma, Claire Bisseker tells us exactly how worried we should be about a ratings downgrade next year and Giulietta Talevi tells us why we
should be stocking up on shares in Remgro.

Elsewhere, Tim Cohen tells us why we shouldn’t buy the "emerging markets revival" idea, Toby Shapshak tells us why we should be wary of Bitcoin and virtual reality, Archie Henderson hopes the Springboks will win a single game, and Graham Wood explains why staying in to watch TV is the smartest course of action.

Some of it seems implausible. Then again, if you’d written 2016 as a novel, you’d have been laughed out of Exclusive Books. But then fiction, I suppose, has to make sense.

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