Brian Molefe. Picture: TREVOR SAMSON
Brian Molefe. Picture: TREVOR SAMSON

Former Eskom boss Brian Molefe may have thought things had reached their nadir back in November 2016, when he prostrated himself before the nation, admitted to spending far too much time in Saxonwold — where there may have been a shebeen that he may or may not have visited. Back then, he shed tears. But things have just got a whole lot worse for him.

The Constitutional Court, in a July 29 ruling, found Molefe has no grounds to appeal the high court decision that he pay back the early pension Eskom gifted him. It’s the end of the legal road for Molefe, who’ll have to cough up about R11m.

Of course, he won’t be using his property in Pretoria as collateral. Trade union Solidarity this week moved to attach assets worth about R700,000 in settlement of a cost order against Molefe. The Pretoria property will be put out to auction. The union is also instituting private action to hold Molefe liable for the unlawful payout.

Then there’s a looming lawsuit from Transnet, which is trying to claw back money lost in the state capture heyday.

Molefe’s plight is unlikely to elicit much sympathy, given he fought so hard, and so long, for money so poorly deserved. Any tears he sheds now may be more authentic than his 2016 performance — but they’re unlikely to be any better received.