While motor manufacturers are predicting growth on all fronts for the local industry, no-one knows for sure when or where the turnaround will happen.

No recovery until the rand recovers ... which will only happen if the ANC boots out the corrupters - Mark Crozier

Chris Stals on why the Reserve Bank gave Bankorp the big loan.

Storm in a tea cup. The anger is understandable but it must be thoughtful. If Absa has to pay, again, where do you think it will get the money? Its clients. In the end the people pay - Eugene Botha

The DA has signalled its intent to be the governing party in 2019, but whichever way you look at the maths, none adds up to this possibility.

When the DA is the only party with a following of so many different people, that shows the microcosm of our very diverse nation. What other party unites so many different races with a common free and fair goal? - Romano Margon

The DA can and will because of service delivery. While everyone is scheming and planning, the daily life of all South Africans is in the balance. This party is the hope of the nation if it remains stable and incorruptible - Lise Lourens


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