I would suggest that Post Office CEO Mark Barnes would be better served spending his time on jacking up the service of the post office’s core business in the rural areas — in other words, delivering and sending mail and serving customers rather than expanding into banking.

We regularly receive our Financial Mail three weeks late — which means it’s basically outdated.

A birthday card that was airmailed from the UK took three weeks to get to me, and I am still waiting for a share certificate that was posted from
Durban on October 31 (it is now the first week of December). Thank goodness it was only a copy and
not the original!

I cancelled my subscription to an overseas newspaper because it often just didn’t arrive.

When I walk into our local post office there is only ever one person working (if you can call it that — I’d call it going slow), with another body assiduously picking up pieces of paper and putting them down.

Jo Moseley


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