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Small Business MBA is a practical guide to entrepreneurship, hosted by Raizcorp trainer Yasmeen Alli.  Each week she gives us essential advice on a different aspect of your business , and chats experts guests for their perspectives.

This week

Yasmeen Alli takes a look at the yo-yo pattern in progress that most entrepreneurs tend to get caught up in and how implementing systems and processes will help to sustain the growth that a business is aimed for. Lesley Callow from E2 Life Coaching joins Yasmeen to talk about how to get small businesses systems and processes working as they should.

Previous Episodes

Building and managing your brand can turn it into an absolute asset, join Yasmeen Alli as she takes us through the science of how to build a brand. Joining the conversation is Browyn Echart from the Pitch and Polish program at Raizcorp.

In this episode of Small Biz MBA, Yasmeen Alli takes a look at entrepreneurial patterns and how entrepreneurs change their patterns. Samantha Janssen, founder of Lifelane Healthcare shares her story of how she manages her patterns in life.

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