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Money Talks is the show that discusses the  day-to-day money conversations we sometimes don’t want to have, often ignore or simply do not know enough about to tackle. Join Gerald Mr.G Mwandiambira with his panel of guest, as they break down the fundamentals of your finances.

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Wealth creation can be attained by anyone and you don’t need stacks of money to do so. On today’s episode of Money Talks, Gerald Mwandiambira discusses the myths and nuances behind wealth creation. His joined by guests, Mapalo Makhu the Founder of Woman & Finance and Eunice Sibiya the Founder of Sibiya Consulting, on how you can start your journey of wealth creation today.

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The word Invest is probably one of the most used financial terms and yet very few know what it really means and the opportunities one can consider. To tackle this topic, Gerald Mwandiambira is Joined by Gugu Siziba, Financial Planner from Sugar Creek Wealth and Pretty Phiri who is interested in investing.

Money Talks is the show tackles daily money matters that we often ignore or don’t know enough about to tackle. On today’s episode, host Gerald Mwandiambira is joined by his panel of guests, Dr Sindi Van Zyl a General Practitioner and Social Media Influencer, and Gugu Siziba a Financial Planner from Sugar Creek Wealth. They focus on the basics of financial planning, the mistakes we often make and practical advice to being savvier with your finances.