DA leader Mmusi Maimane . Picture: THE TIMES/ALON SKUY
DA leader Mmusi Maimane . Picture: THE TIMES/ALON SKUY

When DA leader Mmusi Maimane tackles the president during the coming no-confidence debate, he should refrain from evangelistic zeal and, in a calm and clear voice, spell out the reasons for "requesting" that Jacob Zuma resign.

Maimane’s speech should be seen as coming from a statesman in the making, not an upstart politician seeking personal attention. Parliament is a far cry from protests in the streets — where Maimane was expected to act in the way he did. It is where important issues that affect the electorate should be debated in a professional way and backed up with facts and figures. Screaming the odds with insulting, crude, personal remarks (as is the EFF’s wont) is not going to make the cut for the leader of the main opposition.

This is an ideal opportunity for Maimane to show his mettle, and to satisfy present and potential members of the DA — as well as the community at large — that he can lead SA out of the mess created by an ANC that has lost its way because of corruption at the top.

This could be Maimane’s last chance at changing the political landscape for the good.

Cliff Buchler George

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