Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

WE ASSESS WHICH FIRMS EXCEL in which areas, something that is important to clients. The tables below can be used as a guide in picking the right broker for your needs. We selected only those firms with strong scores in each archetype, as described below. Our choices are based on our insights into the feedback from brokers and clients. They are not ranked but listed in alphabetical order.

Young saver

Under 35, saving regularly from income: Largely self-directed, such clients willinteract mostly online, requiring some educational guidance and low-cost trading for relatively small monthly investments.

Traditional investor

Older than 35, saving regularly from income : Such clients are typically midcareer investors who regularly direct excess funds to their stockbroker account.

Active trader

Day-trading as main source of income: Such clients largely use index futures,CFDs or single-stock futures to trade. The priority is efficient execution and low trading costs.

Senior executive

Complex investment needs: Such clients have complex needs such as largeconcentrated equity exposures, requiring financial engineering skills as well asfinancial advice.

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