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Two more die from Covid-19 in SA and infections ...

Zweli Mkhize said the two new recorded deaths were a man and woman in KwaZulu-Natal

By Carol Paton

What you need to know

Three deaths from nine infections at one hospital in Durban

Netcare St Augustine’s Hospital is being deep-cleaned at the weekend and undertaking stringent screening measures for ...

By Katharine Child

Covid-19 fallout measures are not enough, government told

There are problems with UIF capacity to pay out benefits and society’s poorest are not being provided for

Carol Paton
Editor at Large

SA health authority reviewing stance on masks for Covid-19

National Institute for Communicable Diseases joins a growing number of health authorities considering greater role for ...

By Tamar Kahn

NEWS ANALYSIS: Wine industry cannot wither on the vine during Covid-19 ...

The export ban will devastate the economy of the opposition-controlled provincial economy

Consumers to face Covid-19 fallout on the back foot

Latest data from credit bureaus shows loan amounts and delinquencies rising amid an economy in recession

By Warren Thompson

Let more people go to work during lockdown, Institute of Race Relations ...

The isolation period will only work if economic fallout is mitigated


Western Cape and national government clash on cigarette sales during ...

Western Cape premier Alan Winde insists tobacco products can be purchased ‘but within a certain framework’

By Bekezela Phakathi and Claudi Mailovich

NEWS ANALYSIS: Brutal policing could provoke violent unrest

The humiliation being dished by police and military must be reined in

By Karyn Maughan

Justice minister appoints SA’s first solicitor-general

Fhedzisani Pandelani will oversee all functions of the office of the state attorney, including its legislation policy ...

By Claudi Mailovich

State says it is not spying on citizens through Covid-19 tracing

Amended regulations allow for tracing of location and movements of Covid-19 positive patients and contacts

By Genevieve Quintal and Claudi Mailovich


Global virus cases breach 1-million mark

Economists warn cost of the pandemic is going to get worse as daily death toll soars in the US

By Agency Staff

Africa and tech giants join forces to fight coronavirus fake news

Governments fear misinformation will drive up infection rates

By Alexis Akwagyiram

Bodies of 150 Covid-19 victims removed from streets in Ecuador

The government spokesperson apologised saying mortuary workers have been unable to keep up with the removal of dead ...

By Agency Staff

US jobless claims at nearly 10-million in two weeks

A record 6.65-million people filed jobless claims in the week ended March 28, worse than the most dire estimate in ...

By Katia Dmitrieva

Global coronavirus infections top 1-million

The coronavirus has killed more than 51,000 worldwide with the global fatality rate now over 5% of all reported cases

By Catherine Cadell

Nigeria’s elite forced to use squalid hospitals in coronavirus lockdown

Border closures mean the powerful cannot seek treatment abroad

By Dulue Mbachu

What we can learn from Greece’s economic shock

While no-one is to blame for Covid-19 and its economic fallout, ‘when fear turns into panic, then discontent turns into ...

By Nikos Chrysoloras and Sotiris Nikas

Human rights abuses rife as overzealous authorities enforce lockdown laws

Baton beatings, dog cage detentions, violator shaming and rubber bullets are some of the heavy-handed tactics police ...

By Philip J Heijmans, Bibhudatta Pradhan and Pauline Bax

UK Covid-19 death toll jumps as testing situation remains ‘shambles’

Britain has carried out a total of 153,000 tests so far, while Germany is testing 70,000 people a day

By Agency Staff

Australia offers free childcare during Covid-19 crisis

The move will allow critical workers to continue with their jobs as the country tries to keeps its economy afloat

By Byron Kaye

How a pandemic made Mike Pompeo rethink his views on the UN

The turnaround is characteristic of a broader softening in tone by the US, after playing down the threat of Covid-19 ...

By Nick Wadhams

Argentine grain farmers fear for their future amid Covid-19

Between Covid-19 and overly wet weather, the world’s number three soy and corn exporter feels ‘the perfect storm is ...

By Maximilian Heath


JSE weaker on concern the Covid-19 pandemic may ...

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases around the world has surpassed the one-million mark, with more than 50,000 ...

By lindiwe tsobo

Rand reaches R19/$ in longest weekly losing streak in 14 years

The local currency was down 6.85% for the week, making this its longest losing streak since 2006

By Odwa Mjo

Oil price back above $30 a barrel on hopes of deal to cut supply

Donald Trump said on Thursday he had brokered a deal that could result in Russia and Saudi Arabia cutting output by ...

By Shadia Nasralla

Asian stocks fall on oil output cut uncertainty

President Donald Trump says he has sealed deal for Russia and Saudi Arabia to slash production, but US will retain ...

By Hideyuki Sano and Herbert Lash

Stronger dollar takes shine off gold

Investors take shelter in the dollar while awaiting US non-farm payrolls data

By Shreyansi Singh and K. Sathya Narayanan

Views and Analysis

JONNY STEINBERG: The burden on the poor will test their ‘patriotism’

They are being asked to sacrifice much more than the well-off, and might decide to break the curfews for survival’s sake

GENEVIEVE QUINTAL: Attention-hungry Fikile Mbalula’s decisions veer from ...

Transport minister puts people at risk of coronavirus infection when he panders to the minibus industry and his own ego

By Genevieve Quintal

CHRIS LOEWALD: Critique misses SA monetary policy complexity

Assuming 3% growth in a closed economy, they fail to register electricity constraints, corruption and capital ...

By Chris Loewald

Principles should guide intrusive use of location data, even in a pandemic

What the data collection rules would be if the Protection of Personal Information Act were fully in force

By Ahmore Burger-Smidt

When Covid-19 is under control, SA’s economy will not reboot immediately

We are going to need not only enhanced spending on healthcare, but also higher levels of support for hard-hit firms and ...

By Peter Worthington

In a crisis, ‘doctors of the economy’ are only as healthy as their public

With ‘everything on hold’, the survival of banks and the global financial system depends on containing the coronavirus ...

By David Crow, Stephen Morris and Laura Noonan

ISMAIL LAGARDIEN: Putting the global public good first is in the best ...

Leaders need to look beyond beyond national jurisdictions as the pandemic transcends territorial boundaries


DUMA GQUBULE: Urgent plan is needed to cope with the economic tsunami that ...

The government’s macroeconomic policy response to the calamity is totally inadequate

By Duma Gqubule

STEVEN FRIEDMAN: Lockdown more of an African than a ‘white’ solution

Westerners are seen as the natural leaders, but for once Chinese, Koreans and Ethiopians are showing the way against ...

CHRIS GILMOUR: Market at odds with African Rainbow’s valuation of unlisted ...

African Rainbow Capital Investments’ discount to NAV remains stubbornly wide

By Chris Gilmour

The Covid-19 coronavirus, targets human cells with ACE2 receptors, which are found in the respiratory system. The immune response can trigger potentially deadly inflammations and the virus can spread from the lungs to other organs. Here’s a visual representation of how Covid-19 infects and damages the human body.

Ratings agency Moody's moved South Africa to "junk" status on March 27 2020 after revising the outlook on the country's last investment-grade credit rating to "negative" because of a slowdown in economic growth and rising debt burden. Mudiwa Gavaza gives us the breakdown on what it means for SA.

Over the past few days we have experienced a rush on many stores, empty shelves and long queues. This rush on shops and wholesalers has happened in many parts of the world as the Covid-19 pandemic has spread. Here's all you need to know about why panic buying is doing more harm than good and what consequences corporates face for hiking prices during the #21DayLockdown