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This week:

There's a whiff of rain in the air, a typhoon in Japan, time to climb into your bunkers and mute the outside world. But before you do, this is the week that was, join Giulietta Talevi, her co host Simon Brown and Vestact's Bright Khumalo for their weekly rant.

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We're onto the home stretch for 2019, it's Friday, the drinks are cold, the sun is out - what more could you ask of life? A lot probably but hey - this is the week that was, we'll do the whingeing for you, Join Simon Brown, his co-host is Giulietta Talevi and Vestact's Bright Khumalo.

We're almost onto the year's home stretch, but thank goodness it's Friday! This is the week that was, I'm Giulietta Talevi and joining me to pick our way through the remains are Simon Brown and vestact's Bright Khumalo.

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