Siemens (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

Contact Tel:011 652 2000 Facebook Twitter WebsiteSiemens is a global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering providing products, systems and ...

Johanna McDowell on agency Scope 2017 fieldwork

The Redzone chats to Johanna McDowell, founder and chief executive at IAS, on agency Scope 2017 fieldwork

Tom Manners on the South African talent pool

The Redzone chats to Tom Manners, MD at Clockwork Media, on the South African talent pool

Lynn Joffe on mother tongue storytelling to communicate with mass market

The Redzone chats to Lynn Joffe, CEO and creative director at Creatrix, on mother tongue storytelling as a means of communicating with the mass market

Dr Barbara Jensen-Vorster on Gautrain's partnership policy

The Redzone chats to Dr Barbara Jensen-Vorster, senior executive manager: communications & marketing at the Gautrain Management Agency on Gautrain's ...

Peter Langschmidt on LSMs and the change to SEMs

The Redzone chats to Peter Langschmidt, research consultant to the PRC, on LSMs and the change to SEMs

Nobesuthu Ndlovu on Karri, a solution to smooth school payments

The Redzone chats to Nobesuthu Ndlovu, Nedbank's senior innovation manager, on a solution to smooth school payments.

Claire Denham-Dyson on anthropology, a key factor in B2B marketing

The Redzone chats to Claire Denham-Dyson, anthropologist at Demographica, on B2B marketing

Catherine Bothma on how to tell brand stories

The Redzone chats to Catherine Bothma, HDI Youth Marketeers MD, on how to tell brand stories

Tshepiso Malele on nation brand building

The Redzone chats to Tshepiso Malele, marketing manager of Brand South Africa, on nation brand building

Happy MaKhumalo Ngidi on importance of SA youth

The Redzone chats to Proudly SA chief officer of marketing and communications Happy MaKhumalo Ngidi about the importance of SA youth

Adriana de Roock on why communication is important for companies

The Redzone chats to Adriana de Roock, Greymatter & Finch MD, on why communication is important for companies

Kelvin Storie on the three key media trends

The Redzone chats to Vizeum SA MD Kelvin Storie about the three key trends in media at the moment

Andrew Human on what to expect out of this year's Loerie Awards

Andrew Human, CEO of The Loeries, chats to us about this year’s awards and what we can expect

Raffaele Mc Creadie on great clients & great relationships

The Redzone chats to Raffaele Mc Creadie, Managing Director at Decimal, about great clients & great relationships distanced by paperwork.

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