National Health Laboratory Service heads accused of graft

Nehawu accuses executives at the National Health Laboratory Service of corruption and maladministration

2 days ago
What type of high-risk behaviour is driving HIV infection?

The HSRC’s fifth HIV prevalence study will survey more than 60,000 South Africans for nine months, ending in September

2 days ago
Mass measles vaccination under way in Western Cape as nine cases confirmed

The province’s health department says when an outbreak is confirmed‚ the first action is to vaccinate all those who are closest to the point of the outbreak

4 days ago
Delay in introducing new drugs regulator is hugely costly, pharma firm says

This badly affects SA’s ability to provide affordable, generic medication, Pharma Dynamics CEO Erik Roos says

9 days ago
Death toll of mental patients transferred to NGOs rises

The health ombudsman confirms that more than 100 people died after being transferred by the Gauteng health department — and the figure is expected to climb

9 days ago
New credit life insurance rules beef up consumer protection

The National Credit Act puts a lid on credit life insurers’ exorbitant fees

9 days ago