Capitec to acquire 40% stake in online lending group Creamfinance

Banking group Capital is paying ¤21m for its 40% interest in Creamfinance, which is registered in Cyprus and provides online consumer loan products

26 minutes ago
I’ll go sell ice-cream, but you must stop the ANC sinking, Fransman tells Mantashe

The suspended Western Cape party leader has gone head to head with the secretary-general over Andile Lungisa’s election as chairman of the Nelson Mandela Bay ...

3 hours ago
Johannesburg to reintegrate 13 entities to improve service delivery

Among them are Pikitup andCity Power; mayor Herman Mashaba pledges to make savings of at least R18m from non-executive board members salaries alone

4 hours ago
German watchdog sued for being too soft on VW over emissions cheating

VW has faced billions of dollars of fines in the US but its costs in Europe have been much lower — and critics say governments may be bowing to lobbying ...

4 hours ago
Toshiba confirms Westinghouse bankruptcy for March 31

Beleaguered Toshiba might see $9bn in expanded charges; Japan says it is ready to screen buyers of Toshiba chip unit if needed

3 hours ago
Suspect in Mogoeng burglary ‘protected’

The break-in at the offices of Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng is said to be no ordinary crime

12 hours ago
Marius Fransman uses controversy to knife Mantashe

Fransman has been at odds with Mantashe since the ANC decided to take action against him after he was accused of sexual harassment

12 hours ago
SpaceX launch of first reused rocket to mark milestone for Musk

Once derided as a crazy idea, rocket reusability is now seen as key to making space travel affordable

4 hours ago
EDITORIAL: Transforming the banks

The industry’s worst fear — that this was an invitation to a mugging — has not been realised

12 hours ago
Zinc is manna from heaven for this Indian billionaire: Gadfly

Anil Agarwal wants to buy $2.4bn of Anglo American shares to help him create a resources conglomerate to rival the likes of BHP Billiton

5 hours ago
UK police arrest two more for attack on London’s Parliament

Britain says police have nine people in custody after the attack on Wednesday, which killed five people including the assailant

5 hours ago
Miners’ regained mojo may spark exploration hunt

Industry adviser says exploration budgets are rising after they plunged to an 11-year low in 2016 as companies slashed costs in the wake of a collapse in prices

5 hours ago
Jacob Zuma proposes three new members for the JSC

The president has been accused of trying to manipulate the judiciary by using his constitutional power to influence Judicial Service Commission appointments

7 hours ago
Hosni Mubarak walks free after six years in Egyptian detention

The 88-year-old former president was cleared of the final murder charges against him, after facing trial in cases ranging from corruption to the killing of ...

4 hours ago
Woolworths to combine Country Road Group and David Jones into one group

Woolworths says a single regional structure is the logical next step for the business as it enables the synergies of the Australian acquisitions to be realised

9 hours ago
Trump and Ryan bet against the House in high-stakes healthcare gamble

If the measure is blocked, it will be an embarrassing setback that casts doubt on their ability to deliver on their ambitious agenda

8 hours ago

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FT: Crowd-sourced algorithms promise to be next big thing for AI

Richard Waters

The machine-learning revolution has arrived, adding a new layer of technology to data that makes apps more intelligent, writes Richard Waters

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THE FT COLUMN: Populism emerges as a key economic influence

Gillian Tett

‘Political risk’ used to be seen as something that only infected emerging markets. Now asset managers are under pressure to show they can measure it — and trade it, writes Gillian Tett

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ZIPHO SIKHAKHANE: New ideas light up start-up prospects

Zipho Sikhakhane

The City of Gold was abuzz with entrepreneurial energy this week as Johannesburg hosted the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Congress.

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JUSTICE MALALA: Eat before you tweet

Why don’t Mmusi Maimane and DA Federal Council chair James Selfe wrestle Helen Zille down and take her smartphone away from her?

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views & analysis

Zinc is manna from heaven for this Indian billionaire: Gadfly

Anil Agarwal wants to buy $2.4bn of Anglo American shares to help him create a resources conglomerate to rival the likes of BHP Billiton

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EDITOR’S LUNCHBOX: Andile Lungisa finds an ally in Marius Fransman

Helen Zille flings mud at Gareth van Onselen and the BDlive columnist, in turn, calls the Western Cap premier the DA’s Jacob Zuma

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Peter Bruce Editor-in-chief, BDFM

PETER BRUCE: BIG solution would change the country

‘What we should be putting firmly back onto the table is BIG, the basic income grant’

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