Stanlib Kenya’s management changed after impaired bank exposure

Liberty CEO Thabo Dloti says action has been taken after money was invested in instruments that were exposed to banks in Kenya that became illiquid

25 minutes ago
Rain and cold give fall armyworm its marching orders in SA

Grain SA says fall armyworm is a tropical worm, and the cooler weather in SA is not conducive to it multiplying quickly

40 minutes ago
Donald Trump proves that he just cannot take a joke

The new US president is the first since Nixon to break the tradition of nearly a century

21 minutes ago
PwC apologises for Oscars chaos

The accounting firm has taken the fall for an envelope mix-up that caused Warren Beatty to announce the wrong winner for the night’s top prize

23 minutes ago
Sassa to meet Cash Paymaster Services as social grants deadline looms

This week's meetings coincide with the distribution of the final grants in terms of the contract Sassa awarded to CPS in 2012

7 hours ago
China regains top spot in art market as the global sales total plummets

The sharp fall in global art sales in 2016 has been attributed to a drop in the number of works worth more than $10m on offer

15 minutes ago
TIM COHEN: Sitting ministers we should not stand for

Tim Cohen examines the pattern of ministerial incompetence that forms a big part of President Jacob Zuma’s problem

7 hours ago
All three international credit ratings agencies hail budget

The ratings agencies applaud evidence of fiscal consolidation but warn that political and social pressures could test commitment

7 hours ago
Are rallying commodities the sole reason for Anglo American’s profit surge?

Cost savings, rather than commodity prices or production growth, were the biggest contributor to Anglo’s 25% rise in earnings

1 hour ago
The man who used to move the oil market with a word, is done talking about it

But Ali al-Naimi, who has just launched his book, Out of the Desert: My Journey From Nomadic Bedouin to the Heart of Global Oil, is happy to talk about solar ...

12 minutes ago
EDITORIAL: SARS squabble taxing for SA

Without trust and full co-operation between these two important institutions, public finances and the economy are in jeopardy

7 hours ago
Barclays Africa to list NewGold ETF in Kenya soon

The fund, which has a primary listing on the JSE, already has secondary listings in Botswana, Nigeria, Mauritius, Namibia and Ghana

38 minutes ago
Imperial of Pomerol Petrus fetches £28,000

Prices fetched at Sotheby’s London wine auction consolidate Bordeaux’s rebound from a 40%, five-year plunge

32 minutes ago
Rand weaker on speculation around Pravin Gordhan

TreasuryOne’s Wichard Cilliers says traders will pay close attention to US nonfarm payrolls data as they could fuel the emerging-market rally or bring it to a ...

3 hours ago
The full tab for Sona is in, and it’s a lot more than was budgeted

The DA says replies to questions show the total amount spent on Jacob Zuma’s state of the nation address this year was nearly three times what was set aside

4 hours ago
Hulamin enjoys spoils of rising prices

Aluminium products maker says it is increasing its sourcing of all forms of scrap now that its recycling facility is fully commissioned and contributing to ...

3 hours ago


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EDITORIAL: SARS squabble taxing for SA

Without trust and full co-operation between these two important institutions, public finances and the economy are in jeopardy

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