Westminster attacker named as British-born Khalid Masood

Islamic State claims responsibility as police raid six addresses and arrest eight in London and Birmingham

4 hours ago
Competition Commission accuses fresh-produce agents of cartel behaviour

The commission suspects the larger players of colluding to hold prices low until their smaller competitors run out of goods to sell, after which they sharply ...

10 hours ago
Inside the London HQ where De Beers hid its $5bn diamond stash

The potential sale of De Beers's London HQ offers a rare glimpse inside the mining giant, from subterranean vaults to a rooftop helipad

14 hours ago
Coal of Africa’s COO resigns after being fined for insider trading

Michiel Jakobus Brönn, who was fined R350,000 by the Financial Services Board, has resigned and ‘will forfeit all share-based’ incentives and any bonus payments

6 hours ago
Google’s ad crisis intensifies as AT&T and J&J join boycott

The controversy erupted after a report that some ads had run with YouTube videos that promoted terrorism or anti-Semitism

6 hours ago
Sudden resignation of Maritzburg coach fuels national team speculation

Roger De Sa insists he resigned after just three months for family reasons, and he is not looking for a position on Bafana Bafana’s technical team

9 hours ago
Lack of resources is crippling effective policing‚ study finds

An SAPS resources allocation guide highlights the dire and demoralising lack of personnel and vehicles that is preventing adequate crime prevention

8 hours ago
Busby to shut Nine West and Mango

All free-standing stores under both these brands will close their doors by the end of March

18 hours ago
EDITOR’S LUNCHBOX: Is Herman Mashaba SA’s Donald Trump?

Pretoria was apparently not chuffed at the thought of Joel Pollak, ‘former Tony Leon speechwriter turned hard-right Trumpian imbongi’, as US ambassador

11 hours ago
Cheap chicken hurts small farmers without benefiting consumers, study shows

The National Agricultural Marketing Council says the broiler industry needs protection, not least because it is an important avenue for poverty alleviation

10 hours ago
Zille faces expulsion from DA over colonialism tweets as probe looms

Senior party leaders say Helen Zille’s latest social media comments and subsequent writings about them have placed her on a collision course with the party

18 hours ago
New test for TB could save thousands of lives, say UCT researchers

As the health minister plans to unveil a national strategy for HIV/AIDS and TB, a Japanese firm will supply a new TB drug, free of charge, for SA pilot ...

10 hours ago
Astral and RCL shares soar after crackdown on Brazilian meat imports

Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries says it has demanded a list of Brazilian companies implicated in the corruption scandal

11 hours ago
NATASHA MARRIAN: Sassa saga still has many twists ahead

Zuma and his allies are clearly on the back foot, which is probably why he is conniving to take charge of the process — in a somewhat convoluted way

18 hours ago
We will not push people out of the city, assures Herman Mashaba

The mayor of Johannesburg is courting controversy by seeking to remove thousands of unauthorised inhabitants from buildings in the Joburg city centre

11 hours ago
SA’s surprise deficit stirs rate-cut hopes

The Reserve Bank may remain cautious due to political and global risks to the rand and inflation outlook

18 hours ago

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Making Uber’s inner fire burn more evenly

Financial Times

‘Taxi-hailing service Uber has grown with astonishing speed by overturning a huge, well-defended market. The reckless aggressiveness that accounts for its ills is, like it or not, part of its success’

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Smart lights are a bright idea, with Alexa and Siri

Geoffrey A Fowler

Light switches are so last century. Geoffrey A Fowler explains the right — and wrong — ways to improve your home lighting with connected bulbs, plugs and switches

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Zille’s tweeting while Berning’s burning

If Zille has the DA’s interests at heart she must go, because her actions are obscuring the rot in the ANC

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French bosses’ silence over the perils of Le Pen could be costly

Sarah Gordon

Many businesspeople in Paris refuse to contemplate the possibility of a victory for the far right leader but this approach is dangerous, writes Sarah Gordon

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LETTER: Not everything in the colonial period should be condemned as immoral

During the colonial period there were also courageous people who condemned exploitation and oppression and tried to provide justice for indigenous people

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EDITOR’S LUNCHBOX: Is Herman Mashaba SA’s Donald Trump?

Pretoria was apparently not chuffed at the thought of Joel Pollak, ‘former Tony Leon speechwriter turned hard-right Trumpian imbongi’, as US ambassador

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When does financial inclusion become financial expropriation?

There is evidence that poor people’s bank accounts are viewed as fair game for plunder by rapacious commercial interests, write Deborah James and David Neves

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