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All the news, views and analysis of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan's 2017 budget

updated 12 hours ago
How drought and a dentist wrecked SA’s wildlife market

Average prices of buffalo are down 71%, golden wildebeest bulls 61% and black impala rams 78% as restrictions imposed on trophy hunting

17 minutes ago
GARETH VAN ONSELEN: Mathews Phosa and the Save SA cowards

Saul became Paul but Phosa is still Phosa after his Damascus moment; he and countless others seem incapable of putting country before party, writes Gareth van ...

6 hours ago
Will we have to pay more for sugared drinks?

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan delivers his budget speech on Wednesday where his is widely expected to announce a controversial sugar tax

29 minutes ago
Group Five CEO Eric Vemer to leave as company swings into loss

The construction group, which has slashed its interim dividend, says the loss is partly a result of the sector's transformation agreement

2 hours ago
Constitutional Court throws out Amcu strike appeal

The Chamber of Mines welcomes the ruling, saying it ‘brings final certainty about the binding nature’ of the agreement with unions

6 hours ago
How do the Budget’s tax changes affect your business?

SPONSORED | Regulation of tax and exchange control to become tighter amid efforts to broaden the tax base

1 hour ago
XOLISA PHILLIP: Our twisted view of migrants creates many contradictions

As long as this othering of Africans persists, the ugly scenes that played out in Rosettenville and Pretoria will persist

6 hours ago
Pan African Resources declares record dividend

An increase in profit comes despite operational troubles in the first half, with more difficulties expected at the Evander mine in the second half

2 hours ago
Lloyds reports soaring annual profits

Lower charges linked to an insurance scandal lifted the banking group’s performance as it awaits a full return to the private sector following a state bail-out

37 minutes ago
Five charts showing Gordhan's budget predicament

Political infighting is stifling economic growth efforts and the budget gap seen at 3.2% of GDP in 2017-18, survey shows

4 hours ago
‘Cleansed’ management just the medicine Adcock Ingram needed

Pharmaceutical group says its interim results show that its new management has ‘effectively dealt with inherited underperforming assets’

3 hours ago
HILARY JOFFE: Markets and ratings agencies to keep a close eye on budget

Budget to be delivered in turbulent political context in which markets and ratings agencies are watching whether Gordhan will survive

6 hours ago
Cell C vulnerable to Telkom overtures

The ailing company races to raise the funding required for its deal with suitors Blue Label

6 hours ago
Avoiding credit downgrade is vital to financing any nuclear project

Three solar plants with a 20-year life would be needed to deliver the same solution as a nuclear plant with a 60-year life, economic risk consultant Rob ...

1 hour ago
Germany’s Helmig family said to be buying Murray & Roberts shares

The family is reported to be exploring a deal that would combine the engineering firm with its mining industry service provider

2 hours ago


views & analysis

Protests against foreign nationals are not a cure for joblessness and crime

Johannesburg is the pride of SA and Africa and its citizens cannot allow migrants to be blamed for the failures of previous administrations, writes Herman Mashaba

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It’s not about the card machine

Technology helps business owners to plan and grow their operations and avoid getting bogged down in administration, writes Lungisa Matshoba

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EDITORIAL: A budget before the flood?

If Treasury can stave off the political turmoil, this budget might record a turning point, if not, it will be the calm before the flood

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COMPANY COMMENT: Clientele needs quick action to plug the leak

Clientele Life has some sensitive spots in its financial statements

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TONY LEON: What Zuma has learned from Putin - do what you know

'He has brought in the ethically hobbled Brian Molefe, who not so much personifies “state capture” as being emblematic of a willing accomplice of the Guptas'

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THE FT COLUMN: India’s bold experiment with cash

Martin Wolf

At a stroke, Narendra Modi cancelled 86% of cash in circulation. Was it a decisive assault on tax evasion and corruption, or a damagingly arbitrary act, asks Martin Wolf

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GARETH VAN ONSELEN: Mathews Phosa and the Save SA cowards

Gareth van Onselen

Saul became Paul but Phosa is still Phosa after his Damascus moment; he and countless others seem incapable of putting country before party, writes Gareth van Onselen

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