New jet to whizz from New York to London in three hours

Given the range of aerospace advances in the past 50 years, it seems reasonable to ask: why can’t we fly faster?

9 days ago
Amazon’s virtual assistant the surprise star of the consumer electronics show

Robots that can play chess with humans, wallpaper-thin TVs and smartphones that use virtual and augmented technology were on offer at the show

9 days ago
Outsource parts of life with a few easy clicks

With the rise of connected services, traditional companies are eager to adapt to change

14 days ago
Low-cost devices drive growth in wearable gadgets market

Report expects wearables market in Middle East and Africa to total 1.96-million units by the end of 2016, an increase of 38.4% over last year’s sales

27 days ago
Pokemon peaks ahead of Trump and Olympic Games in 2016

Computer game is top of Google’s searches for 2016, outstripping politics while South Africans turn their attention to global issues, though Zuma is prominent

1 month ago
Report shows scale of SA’s mobile phone revolution

Institute of Race Relations finds that between 2000 and 2014 mobile phone subscriptions had increased seven-hold

1 month ago