Smartphones bang against skill levels

The hand-eye co-ordination expert warns of deterioration across all sports

1 month ago
Corny science fiction set to run riot as technology proliferates

There’s a good reason for the gap: no one can predict which objects consumers and businesses will want to connect to the internet

2 months ago
Trolls thrive on official indifference

Acting against abuse on social media platforms is arduous, not least because of Facebook’s own policies, writes Fiona Forde

2 months ago
CSIR fingerprint scanner can give police a leg up

Groundbreaking CSIR’s technology creates a 3D reconstruction of deeper layers of skin to reduce the effect of smudging, writes Sarah Wild

2 months ago
How technology will shape the finance sector

Blockchain, cognitive computing and cloud are some of the technologies expected to bring about the biggest changes

2 months ago
Amazon’s virtual assistant the surprise star of the consumer electronics show

Robots that can play chess with humans, wallpaper-thin TVs and smartphones that use virtual and augmented technology were on offer at the show

2 months ago