Auction house to pay SA artists resale royalties

Aspire is the first auction house in history to pay living SA artists royalties on the resale of their works

2 hours ago
JUSTICE MALALA: Leading the pack

While the current crop of world leaders may leave a lot to be desired, a Jo’burg café is proving to be a breakfast frontrunner worthy of a following

1 day ago
BUDGET 2017: All you need to know

Financial Mail's special budget report

1 day ago
Caution is the mining watchword

Anglo American’s dividend and capex shows it is less confident about the sector’s outlook than its rivals

1 day ago
Investors Monthly

Why retail shares are losing steam | Small steps in global property | Pallinghurst shows its mettle ... finally | 'Farmer activist' ploughs on | An educated ...

4 hours ago
EDITORIAL: A new era for the JSE

You probably missed it, what with Pravin Gordhan defending himself from another wave of attacks from the kleptocrats and his critics bemoaning what they say is ...

1 day ago
Eskom board responds: A case of facts getting in the way of a story

Financial Mail stories about Eskom are based on the contents of an uncorroborated draft report that has no legal status, writes Khulani Qoma

2 hours ago
Win tickets to Financial Mail Private Lounge on natural gas

South Africa is embracing a new environmentally friendly energy alternative – but what does this mean for business and the country? The development of local ...

3 days ago
What does the new Budget mean for you as a consumer?

SPONSORED | Follow these six easy steps to help you make sense of your post-Budget personal finances

23 hours ago
ANN CROTTY: Becoming a basket case

Sadly, self-interest trumps all in today’s markets

1 day ago
Battle of the Bubblies at Steenberg

Winemakers have challenged each other to the ultimate food and sparkling wine-pairing 'duel'

1 day ago


views & analysis
Peter Bruce Editor-in-chief, BDFM

PETER BRUCE: Manyi puts his expensively clad foot in his mouth

Finance minister Pravin Gordhan did such a good job, in such appalling circumstances, that he pleased almost no-one

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Rob Rose Editor: Financial Mail

ROB ROSE: The war for Stuttafords

As the clock runs down on a retail icon battling for survival, a boardroom battle has broken out between two of SA’s elite families

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Sikonathi Mantshantsha Deputy editor: Financial Mail

SIKONATHI MANTSHANTSHA: Greed is Brian Molefe’s downfall

He would only have agreed to take up the seat if it clears his path to the treasures in the finance ministry

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Simple-minded economics distorts the education debate

Martin Wolf

A market-driven university system, obsessed with only providing degrees rather than a variety of tertiary options, is a disaster, writes Martin Wolf

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ROB ROSE: The war for Stuttafords

As the clock runs down on a retail icon battling for survival, a boardroom battle has broken out between two of SA’s elite families

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CHRIS THURMAN: Academic rigour meets creative practice in Lifescapes

Chris Thurman

'Academic politics' can, after all, be 'creative', writes Chris Thurman

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DIANNA GAMES: Reality check needed as investors hunt for African assets

Dianna Games

Billions of dollars earmarked for African assets often fail to find a home, writes Dianna Games

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