HOT STOCKS 2017: Sweet deals on the JSE shelves

Stock pickers would do well to brace themselves for further volatility this year. But for savvy investors, there might be some special opportunities

4 days ago
Ad crunch ahead

Closures, mergers and falling revenues in traditional advertising are taking place — grim times seem to be waiting in 2017 for SA’s marketers. But industry ...

3 days ago
Currencies against the US dollar in 2016

Bitcoin the top performing currency for the second year in a row

4 days ago
SHOP TALK: A data play by the book

Never has there been a more greatly exaggerated narrative than that of the death of the bookstore, writes Zeenat Moorad

3 days ago
Vantage Goldfields: Buried in difficulties

Lily gold mine has been joined in business rescue by its sister mine Barbrook, as community unrest has made it problematic to operate and hoped-for funding has ...

4 days ago
Somali camps: Places of desperation

Somalis displaced by conflict and drought to camps around Mogadishu are getting more and more frantic as food aid dwindles. With nowhere else to go, they are ...

4 days ago
Crookes Brothers: Time for another swallow?

Bar agricultural commodity price volatility, the company might be ripe for the picking

3 days ago
Privatising sport: an elixir?

Rugby, cricket and soccer are all run by the Keystone Cops. What’s the answer?

3 days ago
EDITORIAL: The real crisis of SA’s matric results

More than a quarter of the pupils who wrote matric in 2016 did not meet the basic requirements and are deemed to have ‘failed’

4 days ago
Eating out: I can’t. and I won’t

Here are our favourite indulgent restaurant and food options for when you finally come to your senses and realise that it’s all about everything in moderation

3 days ago
HOT PROPERTY: Bantry Bay luxury residences up to R130m

Aurum is setting a new benchmark for top-end prices with valet parking and an around the clock concierge service; and a comfortable family home in the heart of ...

4 days ago


views & analysis
Peter Bruce Editor-in-chief, BDFM

PETER BRUCE: Countdown to D-Day

A rundown on Donald Trump in the run-up to his inauguration

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Rob Rose Editor: Financial Mail

EDITOR’S NOTE: Coronation’s U-turn on pay

Begrudgingly, the asset manager has finally given investors a say on its remuneration policy. The vote, on Valentine’s Day, will be illuminating, writes Rob Rose

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EDITORIAL: The real crisis of SA’s matric results

More than a quarter of the pupils who wrote matric in 2016 did not meet the basic requirements and are deemed to have ‘failed’

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LUCY KELLAWAY: Compromise is first lesson in launching a new enterprise

Lucy Kellaway

When setting an enterprise up, compromise has to be part of it — and compromise hardly ever goes with sharp language, writes Lucy Kellaway

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THE FT COLUMN: To restore trust, CEOs have to step away from the limelight

Andrew Hill

Company leaders would do well to divert their efforts to the often under-recognised work of converting their employees into their biggest fans, writes Andrew Hill

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Skeleton of Bankorp dragged out

Carol Paton

ANC Women’s League latest group to call on Zuma to implement recommendation in public protector’s draft report to launch commission of inquiry

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Focus on pass rate hides education crisis

Access to postschool qualifications matter enormously because the skills acquired are gateways to meaningful employment, writes Gavin Keeton

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