Settlement fund adds to Group Five loss

Departing CEO Eric Vemer says the voluntary settlement agreement was a once-off loss

3 days ago
Group Five CEO Eric Vemer to leave as company swings into loss

The construction group, which has slashed its interim dividend, says the loss is partly a result of the sector's transformation agreement

4 days ago
German firm ATM Holdings buys big into M&R

The family is reported to be exploring a deal that would combine the engineering firm with its mining industry service provider

4 days ago
Rolfes strategies lift revenue, profit

The ongoing recovery in Rolfes has delivered its third consecutive positive earnings

5 days ago
Aveng reports headline loss of R76m

Shares hold steady after construction and engineering Aveng reports revenues plunged 21%

5 days ago
Murray and Roberts swaps JSE sectors as it quits civils and building

With the disposal of its building and infrastructure businesses, Murray & Roberts is moving into the JSE’s general industrials sector

6 days ago