LETTER: One more tax bracket

How about every department whose audit highlights waste gets a reciprocal reduction in budget allocation?

16 hours ago
LETTER: ANC boundaries of reality

What are the ANC’s ‘precolonial boundaries’, and do they factor in major movements of tribes across SA?

3 days ago
LETTER: My Molefe nightmare

Can you imagine if we end up with Brian Molefe and Des Van Rooyen running the Treasury in a last-ditch attempt at grand-scale theft?

3 days ago
LETTER: Welcome commitment from Tembinkosi Bonakele

Interference by politicians only undermines the competition authorities’ integrity and effectiveness

3 days ago
LETTER: Stop xenophobic march

To allow march against foreign nationals will be a dereliction of duty by the president, the premier of Gauteng and the mayor of Tshwane, among others

3 days ago
LETTER: Arise, Sir Lose A Lot

The popular narrative says Gordhan is SA’s reluctant hero, but let’s look at some of his faults

3 days ago